We’re home!

It took 4 hours to get home today because of the snow. It’s incredible. This area must have gotten at least 6 feet of snow. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The girls are home safe even though the drive to their place took an hour where it normally takes 30 minutes.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Christmas at Amelie’s house.


Going Home Today

We’re going home today. I’m going to swing by Jennifer’s parents’ place and Amelie’s father’s place and pick them up, then we’re going to brave the drive home. My son texted me last night and told me it was really, really bad where we live, so he wanted me to drive carefully. He says that my driveway is clear (thank goodness!) but the roads are still kind of iffy.

That’s okay, nothing a good old fashioned Range Rover can’t handle (I hope!).


Christmas at My Parents’ House

Christmas at my parents house is a very quiet affair.

Once I won my lawsuit, I shared some of the money with my entire family. They bought everything they ever wanted, so we set a limit of $25 per person for Christmas. This year, I asked for slippers and iTunes gift cards. I have iCloud and am constantly forgetting to fill up my Apple account, so iTunes gift cards pay for my iCloud account.

My mother and sisters have made some of the best food ever. Mom’s sausage rolls and mincemeat pies are outstanding. She’s already put the turkey in the oven for this afternoon. She brines it in saltwater for 24 hours after it’s thawed, so it always comes out of the oven juicy and tender.

My dad has lit a fire and everyone will gather around it to open gifts once we’ve eaten breakfast.

A quiet affair, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Merry Christmas everyone!


My Dad is Home!

Well, they sent my dad home. They say there’s no obvious sign of infection and no reason this should be happening. The CAT scan was negative.

They’re going to do a followup appointment where they send a camera into his bladder to see what they can find.

I’m just glad he’s home and okay.

I was fortunate enough to have been at the hospital when he was discharged, so he got to ride in the Range Rover for the first time. He said he loved it.

The best part is we can have a normal Christmas.


Latest Update on my Dad

My sister says that my mother didn’t get any rest last night; she was in a chair next to my dad all night. My dad only got about 30 minutes of sleep. He has a CAT scan appointment at 8am. He’s been put on a catheter and all he’s passing is blood. He’s not allowed to eat or drink until they figure out what’s causing this.

We won’t know more until the results of the CAT scan come in.


Update on my Dad

Dad was kept in hospital overnight to run some tests. I don’t have any more information at the moment, but I’m getting regular reports from my sister.

She’s the go-to person for my mom who is relaying the information that the doctors give her. She then distributes the information to the rest of the family, that way, everybody is kept up to date.

I’m pretty sure dad won’t make it home in time to celebrate Christmas, so we’ll have to delay it. I’ll still take the girls home on the 26th of December, but then (if he’s not out of hospital yet), I’ll come back to Toronto to support my mother and be around to help out.

Christmas with the girls will have to wait until dad’s out of the woods.


Off to Toronto for Christmas

Well, we’re off to Toronto in about 20 minutes for the Christmas holiday.

I’m taking Amelie to her father’s place, Jennifer to her parents’ place and then I’m heading to my parents’ place. They’re all in or very near Toronto, so it’s just a circular route.

Then we stay there until the 26th when I pick them all up and we go home.

I’m looking forward to Christmas at my parents’ place. Mom always makes the best sausage rolls and mincemeat pies.