Update on the Pre-nups

I haven’t written about the pre-nups in a while so I thought I’d update you.

Jennifer accepted the pre-nup against her attorney’s advice. It basically says if she cheats, she gets nothing more out of me, but if I cheat, nothing happens. No fault divorce is the division of property the same as when we got married.

Amelie’s first offer was a standard pre-nup: if I cheat, I give her half of my net worth and if she cheats, she gives me half of her net worth. I didn’t like that, so I countered with if she cheats, I get half of her net worth, and if I cheat, nothing happens. She hasn’t responded to that counter-offer yet. No fault is the same as when we got married.


4 thoughts on “Update on the Pre-nups”

  1. I suppose the trick here is having a clear definition of ‘cheat.’ She knows you are polyamorous, so what would be considered ‘cheating’? Sleeping with someone new without consulting her perhaps?


    1. Well, the contract says, “adultery.” The goal here is to set a contract that allows me a polyamorous relationship with consultation. So, no, there wouldn’t be any ‘cheating’ per se, it would all be cleared by the other parties first.



  2. So, with that in mind, there’s no point having such a stipulation in the contract. I would only say it’s worth being clear about if there are any lines that Amelie wouldn’t be comfortable with you crossing. If she isn’t happy taking out that part, I would suggest scrapping the terms about ‘adultery’ but offer an alternative based on what she feels she needs to be secure in the arrangement.


    1. It’s very difficult to get the wording right in a way that is legally tenable. The attorneys will work through it until we’re both comfortable with the wording.

      They know what we want, they just have to get the wording correct because polyamory and polygamy are new in the legal realm.


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