Today at work

I managed to finish the ad and get it off to the graphic design company for final editing. I left at 2:30, too, so that was alright.

I managed to get in another 45 minute workout today. I tell you, a daily short workout like that with a hot shower in Amelie’s 6 spout shower really takes the stress off and energizes me.

Today, I discovered the wonders of Perrier water. I normally drink spring water all day (that, or tea), but Jennifer offered me a lime-flavoured Perrier and it was just excellent. It’s my go-to drink now. I’ve ordered some from Amazon for home.

Tonight, I’m going to stay in and get Doordash from the local curry house. I’m going to relax with a couple of pipes and a couple of glasses of Scotch after a hard week’s work.

It wasn’t hard. This is easy money.


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