I forgot to mention that today Amelie hired an Administrative Assistant for herself. After she hired her, she brought her in to meet me.

Her name is Sahara. She’s 24, has three years experience, and she’s absolutely stunningly gorgeous. She was wearing a tight blue polka dot dress that showed off her body. Very nice. She’s a Brahmin Indian she says, and I believe it seeing that she has tan skin, black hair, and greenish blue eyes. What a stunning combination!

When they were leaving my office, Amelie turned to me and winked. I know she’s got something in mind for me and Sahara, that crafty young lady.


3 thoughts on “Sahara”

  1. I would love to have read the Wanted Ad for this girl. ‘Seeking Personal Assistant. Must be well-presented and a *dedicated* team player. Well organised, able to multi-task in very creative ways. Job perks: Close-knit work force with occasional business trips on the yacht. Interested parties contact myself, my fiancée or his fiancée. Yes, you read that correctly.’ 😋


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