Ah, It’s Friday!

It’s Friday today, so it’s a short day. Amelie says she’ll be quitting about 2:30 today. I’ll be following her out the door.

Last night, Daniel (my driver) drove us to the fancy Italian restaurant in town. We had almost exactly what we had last time we were there: Avocado and Ricotta crostini, Tuscan onion soup, Osso Buco (which was 3″ thick veal leg shanks with the bone still in. Fall off the bone meat! Very good!), and Tiramisu. We went through 2 bottles of Barolo with dinner.

Today, I’m just going to be working on the ad for the franchises. I’ve decided to not just put them in trade magazines, but in franchise magazines and everywhere I can. I’m going to get Jennifer to find some appropriate magazines. I’ll approve them and she can post it. Before that happens, though, I have to finish the ad then have it sent to a graphic design company for tweaking and perfection. I’m hoping to do that today.

Lunch today should be good. Clyde, Amelie’s personal chef, made shooter sandwiches which are beef and mushroom and cheese sandwiches that British servants used to make for their Masters for hunting. They’re great because I can eat them at my desk. That means I can work out during lunch break instead.

I’ve got to get a shave, a beard trim, and a manicure this weekend.

Tonight is a night alone again, which I’m looking forward to. The girls are going to stay home, drink wine, and laugh.


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