My Second Day at Work

Well, I got into the office this morning and had received a ten page fax from the yacht management company about the usage and statistics on the yacht. Everything from usage data to varying rental rates, a very detailed breakdown of total expenses, etc. I’m going to have to look at it Monday. Today and tomorrow, I’m going to finish up this ad.

I’m just going to work on the trade magazine ad for franchising, then work out. Clyde is here, so he’s going to be making us lunch. We’ll work until about 5, then I’ll go home and get ready to go out to the ritzy Italian restaurant with the girls tonight.

Jennifer is working out great. She’s wearing some very provocative clothing around the office which is great office eye candy for me. Not only that, but she knows exactly when to get me tea or water or food, plus she handed me my fax this morning and is calling the business jet management company this morning to get a detailed breakdown of the usage of the company jet.

The limo got detailed yesterday and looks great. The Jaguar was put into climate controlled storage for the winter. I’ll break it out when all this snow buggers off.


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