Dinner with the Girls at the High Brow Italian Restaurant

Daniel and I picked up the girls at home and they looked spectacular. Jennifer’s eyelids were done in smokey style and her eyelashes were longer than ever. Her makeup appeared light but every imperfection was gone. I told Jennifer that’s how I want her makeup from now on. Amelie was wearing more makeup than I’ve ever seen on her. Her eyeshadow was purple but very light, she was wearing rouge and wore lipstick. She looked awesome, but I prefer the natural look on her.

We went to the fanciest Italian restaurant in the city where Amelie had made reservations for 3.

The deal was that I have to do all the ordering, but Amelie would pay for the meal and I get to see the bill.

We sat down and when I looked at the menu and the wine list, I was shocked by the prices. I was planning on drinking Barolo all night, but their bottles of Barolo ranged from $80 – $450. I asked Amelie if that was okay and she said, “please don’t ask that again, Daddy. Of course it’s alright. I wouldn’t have brought us here if I wasn’t prepared to pay these prices.” She’s a good girl. So to open, I ordered a $150 bottle of Barolo for us all.

We ordered our appetizer, Avocado Ricotta Crostini and when it came, it was presented absolutely beautifully. The crostini was toasted perfectly and the avocado and ricotta were garnished with slices of cherry tomato and paper thin slices of radish. Absolutely spectacular.

For soup, I ordered carabaccia (Tuscan onion soup) which was presented in a style similar to French onion soup with toast and cheese on top. It tasted very different than French onion soup though. It was excellent.

After soup, we ordered another bottle of Barolo. Then we ordered fish which was butter poached salmon. I love salmon anyway and the clarified butter poaching was just heavenly. The presentation was to die for.

Then I ordered our main course which was osso buco. When it arrived, we each received a 3″ thick veal shank in a red wine reduction on risotto. The meat was falling off the bone and it was a generous portion for such a high brow place. The presentation was excellent with the chef placing a sprig of rosemary in every veal shank.

We ordered our third bottle of Barolo at this point. A bottle of wine only makes three glasses for us, so we weren’t drinking heavily.

For salad, I ordered something we were all familiar with: Mediterranean chickpea salad. It was served with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

We ordered a glass each of Brandy after salad which is when we also ordered dessert which was tiramisu. I absolutely love tiramisu, and the chef didn’t disappoint.

When we left in the limo, Amelie said, “please have a pipe, Daddy, it’s only a Cadillac. I could see you not smoking in the car if it were a Rolls, but it’s not. Besides, I love the smell.” So I told her I had found it very inconvenient to have to wait until I get home to have my pipe and she was right about it being only a Cadillac, so I brought out my pipe, filled it, and smoked it while we drank Sherry on the half hour drive to Amelie’s house. We dropped her off, turned around, and Daniel dropped me and Jennifer off at my place.

We had sex until 2am. I just couldn’t get enough of her, she looked so good.


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