Talk with Amelie’s Father

Well, we had a good day. Amelie wore a white, crochet mini dress with a white leotard underneath and I wore a tie and sport jacket. We arrived about 10:30 am and talked in the parlour over a cigar (him) and a pipe (me). We didn’t really talk about anything of consequence, he knew all about me from Amelie. Apparently, she speaks to him every day on the phone, and all she does is talk about me, so I felt like he knew me already.

We had lunch, then tea in the afternoon. He drinks a lot. He was drinking in the morning and had a few Scotches in the afternoon but seemed to be a functioning alcoholic who was keeping it together pretty well.

When we had dinner, Amelie was really happy because we had coq au vin which is her favourite comfort food.

After dinner, I asked her to excuse her father and I while we talked.

I sat him down and told him I wanted his blessing to marry his daughter. He asked me what I did for a living (which he already knew) but I told him I was retired but would be becoming vice president of the company as a favour to Amelie. He asked how much I make and I told him about my copyright lawsuit and how much I draw from my principal amount plus my salary as vice president of the company. He asked me about religion and I told him I was a non-observant Jew essentially. He asked me if I knew Amelie couldn’t have children and I said I knew but that it wasn’t a big deal because I didn’t want more children. I explained that I have a son and a grandson and he seemed pleased with that.

After about a dozen more questions, he gave his blessing.

Amelie and I drove home in the limo and made out in the back seat. She knows I’m going to pop the question soon, she just doesn’t know exactly when.

Today’s Sunday and I’m spending the day alone while the girls go to the beauty parlour. Neither one of them need it; they’re both so beautiful.

I’m looking forward to a day to myself.


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