Dinner Last Night with Jennifer at the French Restaurant

I’m writing this in the back of the limo as we travel down to Amelie’s father’s place. Internet in the back of this car was a great idea.

Jennifer and I went to a new French restaurant last night. She wore a little black dress, chocolate stockings, and her Christian Louboutin stilettos. She also wore her mink false eyelashes, so she’s keeping the deal of wearing them whenever I see her.

The food was fabulous. To start, we had duck rillettes on crostini toast. Duck rillettes is duck meat and duck fat blended into a pate. It was delicious. We had a Sauvignon Blanc with that.

For soup, we had (French) onion soup. It was piping hot and served beautifully.

For fish, we had poached cod, which was fantastic. It was cod poached in a fortified wine and vegetable sauce. Very, very good. We had a delicious Pinot Grigio with that.

For the main, we had bacon wrapped stuffed duck breast which was stuffed with duck confit, apples, and spinach in a blueberry reduction. It was served atop spinach and mashed potatoes and accompanied by a glass of Merlot. I think it was the best single dish I’ve ever eaten.

For salad, we had frisée salad which was served with house-made provencale dressing. We had more Sauvignon Blanc with that.

For dessert, we had chocolate mousse.

The entire meal was fantastic and terribly expensive ($600). I don’t think it was worth it, but the food was very good.

Jennifer seemed satisfied with the meal and that’s the main thing.

Today, we’re going to Amelie’s father’s place to meet with him. I’m going to ask him for Amelie’s hand in marriage. Good thing I went to the beard barber yesterday.

Next weekend, I’m going with Jennifer down to her parents’ place so I can ask her father’s permission to marry her.


6 thoughts on “Dinner Last Night with Jennifer at the French Restaurant”

  1. You’re welcome. Honestly, a lot of your philosophies resonate with me and correlate with my understanding of a happy and healthy marriage. Though my husband and I aren’t polyamorous, (though we have exciting plans for the future) I’ve mentioned on my own blog that we maintain a D/s style relationship both in the bedroom and out and pretty much everyone who knows us considers us ‘couple goals.’ It’s nice to interact with someone who is living a relatable (if slightly more hedonistic) lifestyle to ours.


  2. You don’t have to justify anything to me; I didn’t mean it judgementally. You’re in a different place in your life than me, with totally different advantages and your own challenges. You got free time? Spend it with adoring girls at restaurants. You got expendable funds? Buy wifi for your limo. You got a boat? Better get sailing. Good on you, I sure as hell would be doing the same 😎


    1. Yep! And thank you again! By this point in my life I figure I’ve worked hard enough all my life to afford to spend some on me and be a little hedonistic. The girls really are my focal point, though. With or without money, I’d be with them. I just love them so much. I didn’t assume you were being judgmental. I knew what you meant. Money changes everything, it really does.


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