Busy day today! My latest news.

Today was a pretty active day for me. Apart from my usual volunteer work from 12 until 3, I also:

  • Checked out the limousine thoroughly and discovered the detailing guys did a superb job. For $350 they even cleaned out the gas cap cavity and the exhaust pipe. The car is sparkling. I’m going to start taking all my cars there once a month. I also decided to put a bottle of Sherry and some glasses into the limo to have a couple of drinks on our way to dinner. So I went out to buy Sherry.
  • Had a phone call with Amelie who told me Samantha hired a professional chef to take over the cooking duties in Amelie’s house starting Monday. She also told me the renovations are done to the bowling alley and she now has a fully functional indoor archery range in her basement.
  • Made reservations at the riverside restaurant for tonight and was (for the first time) offered their private room for an extra $50. I accepted. It’s worth it to be able to talk about anything without bothering other patrons.
  • Realized that I tip Dan (my chauffeur) $100 every time he takes me somewhere which is 5 times a week. So he makes $500 for being my driver and $500 in tips every week. The kid’s 23 and he’s pulling in a thousand bucks a week! Half of it tax free!
  • Realized I can’t control the state of my house anymore and asked Amelie to find me a butleress.
  • Checked out a video of the 2023 Range Rover and discovered what an awesome car it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_5zvZSJ6Yo

How I managed to get this all done today is beyond me.


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