Dinner last night at Amelie’s place

Jennifer and I went to Amelie’s for dinner last night. Daniel drove us and we arrived at about 5:30pm. Jennifer looked fantastic in a short little pink mini dress with pink stilettos. Amelie was looking hot in her usual spandex catsuit with fluffy kitty ear headband.

We sat in the parlour and had Sherry before dinner. I announced that I had decided on everyone’s gifts. Amelie said she added one to the list today, and Jennifer said she still hadn’t decided.

For starters with dinner, we had grilled garlic and herb shrimp on skewers. They were hot off the grill and absolutely scrumptious. We had a glass of Sherry with our appetizer.

For soup, we had cream of green garlic and potato soup. Wow, was that ever good soup. I hope we have that again soon. It was fantastic. That was served with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Our fish course was stuffed sole. It was sole wrapped around freshly baked crab meat. Absolutely stunning presentation by Clyde, Amelie’s personal chef. And the sole and crab combination was definitely a winner. We had a Chablis with fish.

For our entree, we had Korean barbecued rack of lamb. Again, the presentation was amazing. I love lamb even on my worst day, but the Korean BBQ was just fantastic. We had a Bordeaux with the lamb. A great pairing.

Our salad was pretty much a Caesar salad except it didn’t have croutons. There was bacon, shrimp, and chicken in it with a homemade Ranch dressing. And the dressing was the star of the show. Absolutely fabulous. We had more Bordeaux with salad.

Our dessert was cherry cheesecake served with French vanilla ice cream and streaks of caramel on top. Absolutely beautiful appearance. We had Champagne with dessert.

My sweets plate was Camembert and red and green seedless grapes.

After dinner, we retired to the parlour for tea and brandy. I smoked my pipe as usual. I told the girls about my plans to buy a 2005 Jaguar XJ12 Vanden Plas and sell Caroline if I do buy the Jag. They were both sad to hear I’d be selling Caroline, but both were excited that I was excited about another antique car.

Amelie gave us our credit cards for our expense accounts. I asked if it mattered which expenses went on whose cards and she said it didn’t. Jennifer said she was excited because this meant she could buy us what she really wanted to for Christmas. I was happy for her. She loves giving.

When Clyde left and Samantha (Amelie’s butler) went upstairs, I told the girls I felt like giving a damn good spanking, so they lined up and I gave them 20 swats each. Amelie was squirming like crazy. She really does love being spanked.

Samantha gets the entire month of December off, so I suggested Amelie hire a server for the meals. Clyde cooks and the server serves. Seems logical right? Amelie said it was a great idea and she’s going to do that. It would be the perfect job for a university student.

Daniel (my driver) drove Jennifer and I home in the limousine and she came to my place where we had sex until 1:30am. She’s still sleeping upstairs as I write this.


Jaguar XJ12 Vanden Plas

I’ve been looking at this car since I was younger. I remember in about 2015, it was declared the most beautiful car of all time by a driving magazine. It’s the 2005 Jaguar XJ12 Vanden Plas. It’s got a big 12 cylinder engine in it and it’s incredibly luxurious.

I remember when I was younger, I took one out for a test drive. I couldn’t believe how smooth and quiet it was. I’d say my Range Rover is equal to the Jaguar back in 2005, but that was 17 years ago. Jaguar had the 2020 Range Rover beat in 2005!

So I’ve decided to buy one. They’re not common, so I’m going to be waiting a while, but I love that car so much I’m willing to wait.


Expense Account!

Amelie just called and told me she got me and Jennifer an expense account. Because our contracts state the corporation will pay for our clothes and ALL expenses, we can buy things like purses and wallets for Christmas and put them on the expense account.


Jennifer and I are going to Amelie’s for dinner tonight, so we’ll pick up the Corporate American Express and Visa cards tonight.


Christmas gifts for the girls

Originally, I was planning on buying the girls Balenciaga wallets for Christmas, but after this uproar about Balenciaga selling teddy bears in bondage outfits to children (which, in my mind, equates them to grooming), I’ve decided to go a different route.

I’ve asked Jennifer if she’ll buy Amelie an Alexander McQueen wallet and I’ll buy Amelie an Alexander McQueen purse. Then I asked Amelie if she’d do the same for Jennifer, except Amelie wanted me to buy the wallet and she wants to buy the purse. Amelie is getting hers in black (she looks amazing in black) and Jennifer is getting hers in pink (Jennifer’s favourite colour is pink and it looks so good on her).

So that’s all set.

Good thing they don’t read this blog.


My evening last night

I spent my evening alone last night. It was so relaxing.

First, I started off by making myself pork tacos with salsa verde, which is pieces of pork tenderloin sauteed then covered with a garlic, tomatillo, jalapeno, and avocado salsa served in wheat tortillas. It was really good.

I had a glass of Barolo with dinner, which was fantastic.

Then I went into the great room to have a fire and while watching it, I got a little peckish, so I filled up a bowl with the remainder of the salsa verde, got some blue tortilla chips, and pigged out in front of the fire with another glass of Barolo.

I ended up going through an entire bottle of Barolo last night and a few glasses of Lagavulin 16 (single malt Scotch).

Sitting in front of the fire smoking my pipe, as I said, was just SO relaxing. I needed some time alone in front of a fire to recharge my batteries.


Dinner last night at Amelie’s

I went to Amelie’s last night for dinner with Jennifer. Daniel drove us and we arrived about 5:30pm.

We started by sitting in the parlour and sipping Spanish Sherry. Amelie mentioned that she had our Christmas gifts picked out and I said that I did too. Jennifer was still deciding between a few things for us.

When dinner was served, we started with Lemon Jalapeno marinated mussels which were exquisite. Served with a glass of Sherry.

Next we had soup which was Avgolomeno, or Greek lemon, chicken, and rice soup. Very good. Served with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Next was fish, which was sea bass san Sebastian which is a Spanish dish with garlic, pepper and almond. Very, very nice. Served with a Chablis.

Our entree was chicken cacciatore. It was absolutely lovely, falling right off the bone with big chunks of tomato in the tasty sauce. Served with a Barolo.

Salad was a Jamaican cucumber salad. It’s cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and red onions tossed in a mayo and Dijon dressing. Very simple but absolutely delicious.

Dessert was Baked Alaska. Absolutely scrumptious. Served with Champagne.

Then we had the usual cheeses and fruits for sweets. I had my Camembert and red and green seedless grapes.

Then we retired to the parlour for tea and brandy.

I mentioned to the girls that the internet has changed everything for all of us. We had chicken cacciatore from Italy and cucumber salad from Jamaica. This would have been nearly impossible back in the 80’s because of the limits of information. Recipes from international locations make it to us now in minutes instead of months. The girls have never known a life without internet, so they really didn’t get what I was saying I don’t think.

I had my usual pipe and glass of Brandy after tea.

It snowed a little bit while we were eating, so I told Daniel to take it slow on the roads, which he did. He’s a good guy.

Jennifer spent the night, but I’m spending the day alone today.


Dinner last night at the riverside restaurant

The girls and I went to the riverside restaurant for dinner last night. As I did last time, I reserved the private room for us.

To begin, we had Scotch eggs which are hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and bread crumbs. Served with a Pinot Noir. Absolutely fantastic.

Then we had soup which was duck and sausage gumbo. Great soup, served with entire duck thighs and large pieces of sausage. A really good gumbo. Served with a pinot grigio.

For fish, we had blackened sea bass which was amazing. I love any fish blackened. We had more pinot grigio with our fish.

The entree was duck confit which is duck baked in its own fat. Excellent. We had a Barolo with that.

Salad was a simple chef’s salad with homemade dressing. Very good. We had Sauvignon Blanc with salad.

Our dessert was a molten chocolate river over chocolate brownies called “death by chocolate.” Excellent.

We talked about business again. We’re going on the yacht from December 14-21 and we start work on the 22nd. Then we have the 24th, 25th, and 26th off for Christmas and begin again on the 27th.

The private room was definitely worth the $50 again.

After dinner, Daniel drove us to Amelie’s house to drop her off then drove Jennifer and I to my place where she stayed the night.


Business Conversations

One thing I forgot to mention about our conversation over dinner the other day was that Amelie said her father has businesses all around the world and wants to liquidate them into cash because of the coming recession. So I’m going to be traveling an awful lot.

I was just talking to my friend Dolly and she reminded me to look for an administrative assistant who’s young, pretty, and doesn’t have family. Young so that she can deal with all the traveling, pretty so I have something nice to look at, and doesn’t have a family so that she doesn’t complain about all the traveling we do.

All this traveling is going to be stressful, but the job is only for one year, so I’m pretty sure I can handle it.