Dinner last night at the riverside restaurant

The girls and I went to the riverside restaurant for dinner last night. As I did last time, I reserved the private room for us.

To begin, we had Scotch eggs which are hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and bread crumbs. Served with a Pinot Noir. Absolutely fantastic.

Then we had soup which was duck and sausage gumbo. Great soup, served with entire duck thighs and large pieces of sausage. A really good gumbo. Served with a pinot grigio.

For fish, we had blackened sea bass which was amazing. I love any fish blackened. We had more pinot grigio with our fish.

The entree was duck confit which is duck baked in its own fat. Excellent. We had a Barolo with that.

Salad was a simple chef’s salad with homemade dressing. Very good. We had Sauvignon Blanc with salad.

Our dessert was a molten chocolate river over chocolate brownies called “death by chocolate.” Excellent.

We talked about business again. We’re going on the yacht from December 14-21 and we start work on the 22nd. Then we have the 24th, 25th, and 26th off for Christmas and begin again on the 27th.

The private room was definitely worth the $50 again.

After dinner, Daniel drove us to Amelie’s house to drop her off then drove Jennifer and I to my place where she stayed the night.


Business Conversations

One thing I forgot to mention about our conversation over dinner the other day was that Amelie said her father has businesses all around the world and wants to liquidate them into cash because of the coming recession. So I’m going to be traveling an awful lot.

I was just talking to my friend Dolly and she reminded me to look for an administrative assistant who’s young, pretty, and doesn’t have family. Young so that she can deal with all the traveling, pretty so I have something nice to look at, and doesn’t have a family so that she doesn’t complain about all the traveling we do.

All this traveling is going to be stressful, but the job is only for one year, so I’m pretty sure I can handle it.


My evening last night

Yesterday, I spent the day alone. For dinner, I ordered in from the curry house. I had lamb rogan josh, chicken tikka masala, Basmati rice, and garlic na’an. Then I spent the entire evening in front of a fire drinking wine. I love my time alone, especially in front of a fire.

The girls and I are going out to dinner tonight at the riverside restaurant.


Phone call with Amelie

I just spoke with Amelie.

She doesn’t want me to help Jennifer with her rent and Christmas because she wants to do it. In her words, “Daddy, I have much more money than you and I could pay it all. Please let me pay it.” So I let her pay for Jennifer’s rent, a $4500 dollar allowance per month, and $10,000 (she insisted) for Christmas.

This is great. That frees up my money for Christmas gifts.


Paying Jennifer’s Rent

I’ve decided to pay Jennifer’s rent and give her an allowance until she starts working for Amelie.

She called this morning and was complaining that her money from waitressing is running out, so I told her I’d pay her rent ($1500/month) and give her an allowance of $4500 per month for bills and food until she starts working for Amelie in January. I’m also giving her $5,000 for Christmas spending. She couldn’t thank me enough.

I was thinking of asking her to move in with me, but there’s no sense. We’ll be married and moved in to Amelie’s place within a year.


Spending Time at Amelie’s Yesterday

Amelie invited me and Jennifer over to her place yesterday morning, but I told her there was a Thanksgiving Day Buffalo Bills game on that I wanted to watch. She said it was okay, I could watch it in the home theatre on the big screen. So I called Daniel and told him he could drop Jennifer and I off at Amelie’s and then could go home until I called him.

Jennifer looked spectacular. She had on her purple and black Versace mini dress, chocolate stockings, and her Christian Louboutin stilettos. She had flawless makeup and long, mink eyelashes on. She was a fine sight.

When I got there, Amelie had the home theatre ready for me. She had beer and Shooter Sandwiches (steak and mushroom with Dijon on crusty bread) waiting. Amelie was wearing her usual makeup and her black spandex catsuit with black fluffy kitty ears. God, she looked hot.

The Bills barely prevailed over the Detroit Lions, 28-25, but it was a nailbiter of a game. Really close all the way through and a lot of fun to watch – especially in the leather comfort of the home theatre. The screen was absolutely massive and the seats were just SO comfortable. Amelie and Jennifer just sat in the parlour and drank wine while I watched my game.

After the game, I joined them in the parlour and had a two glasses of Bordeaux and a couple of pipes.

Then it was time for dinner.

To begin, we had baked crab and artichoke dip which was spectacular. It was served with toasted crostini. Man, was that ever good. I’m starting to like seafood more and more. This was accompanied by a glass of Sherry.

For soup, we had Hungarian potato and sausage soup. Very tasty. We had a glass of Chablis with that.

Then, for fish, we had BBQ broiled snapper accompanied by a glass of Chardonnay. It was red snapper broiled and covered with chili aioli.

For the entree, we had duck fesenjan, which is a Persian dish with duck in a very thick, dark glaze with pomegranates and orange. I asked Samantha why they serve so much duck and it’s because Amelie’s father owns an industrial sized duck farm in town. We had Barolo with the duck fesenjan.

For salad, we had salad Lyonaisse. It was spectacular and served with a glass of Cabernet Franc.

Then we had dessert, which was mocha semifreddo, cold brewed coffee served over ice cream. We had Champagne with dessert.

For sweets, I had my usual Blue cheese and green and red grapes.

Most of the conversation was about business last night. I’ve got to get on hiring an admin assistant shortly.

After dinner, we retired to the parlour where we sipped tea and brandy and I smoked a pipe. I called Daniel to come pick us up.

He arrived about 9pm and I still made him wait about a half hour before we made our way to the limo.

Jennifer didn’t come back to my place last night. It’s my day alone.


Dinner last night at Amelie’s place

Amelie invited Jennifer and I to have dinner at her place. She wanted us to show up early and bring my favourite bow so that she could “kick my butt” at archery.

We got there about 5 pm and went down to the archery range. I kicked her butt 3 rounds to 1. It was thanks to having a homemade bow with me. Last time we shot arrows, I borrowed one of her bows and lost 3-2. But my bow is one I made and was made according to my specifications, so it was much more comfortable. I left my bows and arrows there so that I can play her without warning.

We went upstairs to the parlour and had a glass of Sherry before dinner. The conversation was mainly between Amelie and Jennifer as usual.

When dinner came, we were treated to Oysters Rockefeller as an appetizer. Oysters Rockefeller is oysters on the half shell in a herb butter sauce so that they look green. Very good stuff. We had Chablis with that.

Then was soup and we had sopa de ajo, which is a Spanish garlic soup with vegetables and a poached egg on top. The presentation by Clyde (Amelie’s new cook) was absolutely excellent. We had Garnacha with that (a Spanish red wine).

Then was fish which was grilled tuna in a horseradish soy sauce. Beautiful presentation and it was cooked to perfection. Served with a glass of Chardonnay.

For the entrée, we had chicken fricassée which is one of my all time favourite comfort foods. Instead of chicken legs, Clyde used boneless chicken thighs. Man were they ever good. That was accompanied by a Bordeaux.

Then we had removes which was potatoes fondant. They were done to perfection. I’ve only ever had potatoes fondant once before but compared to Clyde’s, they were garbage. His were buttery and herb-y and beautiful.

Salad was a traditional Caesar salad with chicken, shrimp, and homemade dressing. We had Chablis with that.

Dessert was delicious and was apple pie a la mode. We had Champagne with that.

Sweets was the usual selection of cheeses and fruits. Obviously, Samantha had coached Clyde on what to serve because I had my usual Camembert with green and red seedless grapes.

After dinner, we retired to the parlour, where Samantha served us Yorkshire Gold tea and a glass of beautiful, smooth Brandy. I smoked my pipe and sipped slowly.

The dinner was an experience. The presentation of everything was just phenomenal and the taste was out of this world. Clyde seems to be a big believer in salt and I totally agree with him.

Jennifer and I got driven by my driver to my place where we fooled around until 1:30am. She was wearing her fancy makeup again (flawless skin and smokey eyes with long, mink eyelashes) so it was hard to keep my hands off of her. She’s sleeping upstairs as I write this.


Dinner last night at the Curry House

The girls and I went to the curry house for dinner last night.

I had lamb rogan josh while they had chicken tikka masala. We all had rice and garlic na’an with dinner. We went through 2 bottles of wine.

Then we drove back to Amelie’s house and shot some rounds in her new archery range. She beat me 3 games to 2, but it was fun.


The girls were drunk!

The girls called me last night during dinner at Amelie’s house and they were both drunk. Jennifer said she had been giving Amelie advice on how to please me and Amelie said it was good advice.

Amelie’s new chef, Clyde, was there making them dinner and apparently they had coq au vin, Amelie’s favourite comfort food.

It was so funny to hear them giggling and carrying on while they were drunk.

I’m glad I stayed home, though. A night alone was just what I needed.