My plans

Friday, Toi has the day off work so I’m taking her out to dinner at the Indian restaurant (she loves Indian food). Then, next weekend, all the girls are off so we’re going to my cabin for the weekend. The colours will be spectacular by then, so I’m going to enjoy chopping wood with the glory of nature all around me.


My date with Jennifer

Jennifer is always a lot of fun to go on a date with. She’s super positive, always has a smile on her face, and laughs at all of my dumb jokes.

We had a wonderful date. We went to the Indian restaurant that supplies me with food for the food bank. I had lamb rogan josh over rice and chicken tikka masala and na’an bread but of course, I didn’t have wine. Jennifer had a glass. It doesn’t bother me when people drink around me – it’s part of society.

We had a great conversation, then went back to my place. We had a great time in bed until 1:30 am and had a great sleep. We woke up this morning and I made her breakfast then took her home.

Great evening! Jennifer and I have been together for a year and a half and have never argued once. She’s a good girl.


Jennifer and Amelie

Jennifer has tomorrow off from work and I’ve asked her out to dinner tomorrow evening.

I talked to Amelie this evening and decided to ask her how she felt about me sleeping with Jennifer after the date. I mean Amelie is a virgin and is staying a virgin until she’s married, so I didn’t know if she wanted me to be abstinent as well. She said, “men need variety. Go ahead and sleep with her. Besides, she was with you first, Daddy.”

What a good girl.


Amelie and the Thrift Store

I had a phone call with Amelie this evening.

One of my followers mentions that she didn’t care for the way Amelie was into fast fashion and that it was wasteful. What she said is that she admired that I didn’t stand up to societal expectations particularly on stuff like where I bought my Rolex.

I gave it some thought and decided she was right, so I spoke to Amelie about it.

I told her that I got a real charge out of the money that I saved on my watch and that if she saved that kind of money, she’d be happy too. I told her almost exactly what the commenter said.

Amelie was immediately apologetic. She said she understood why I was so attached to my Rolex seeing how it didn’t work when I first saw it, and I babied it back to health. She said she loves thrift stores in Nice, too, so she totally saw my point. I told her I appreciated her apology.

So thanks to K.M. Strange for bringing this up to me.


My day with Amelie

Well, my day with Amelie was a success.

The first thing we did was go to a barber. Amelie said she loves my beard but that it needs to be better groomed. We went to a little place in the adjoining town where they serve tea then groom your beard. They also shaved my head. I was impressed by the job they did on my out-of-control beard. Amelie liked it too. She wants me to go back to them once a week and get it trimmed. I didn’t argue because she’s right: I should spend my money on looking after myself.

Secondly, we went back to her place where her Butleress had prepared dinner. We had a chicken breast with gravy, whipped potatoes and green beans. That was accompanied by minestrone soup and lemon meringue pie. It was delicious. Amelie says she normally has a glass of wine with dinner, but seeing how I’m quitting drinking, she passed this time. We had a cup of tea after dinner in her “parlour.” It’s a beautiful room with French style furniture.

Amelie’s house is big. It’s about 6,000 square feet and it’s decorated beautifully. The view of the water is spectacular too. She says it’s even more beautiful first thing in the morning when the fog is laying on the water.

It was a great day and I’m hoping we can have more like it.


Date with Amélie

My date with Amelie was last night.

First of all, she drove over to my house and we went out together. She owns a Cadillac Escalade which I’ve been considering buying. What a beautiful SUV.

She was dressed in a tight little black dress, chocolate stockings and 5″ heels. She looked spectacular.

During dinner we mostly talked about her. She’s a trust fund baby mainly because she’s from the Michelin family (think Michelin tires). She owns a place in Nice, France as well as her place here in town on the waterfront (which I haven’t seen yet, but she tells me it’s huge). Her dad owns a private jet and a 300 foot private yacht that she says she can borrow any time she wants.

Amelie talked about me and my reluctance to spend money. She said that a man with my wealth shouldn’t be buying used Rolexes from the thrift store, but I should be buying them new (she wears a Lady Rolex). She says she’ll teach me how to spend properly and responsibly because I’m new to the mega-wealth game.

She winters in Nice, so I don’t know if that means she’s going to leave for 4-6 months when winter hits or what, but I hope not.

The conversation was excellent and she’s truly feminine and submissive. It sounds like she was bragging the way I put it here, but she wasn’t. I basically asked the questions and she answered them honestly. She didn’t volunteer any information, so I knew she wasn’t bragging.


Happy Wife, Happy Husband, Happy Life

I was on the phone with Amelie today and she said something interesting when we were talking about how to treat each other in marriage. She said, “I don’t believe in the ‘happy wife, happy life’ trope. I believe that if I do my job, my husband will be happy and seeing him happy will make me happy.”

She just keeps getting better and better.

We’re going on our first date alone together tonight.