Toi dumped me!

I got a call from Toi this morning. She asked, “are you seriously going to marry Amelie?” I said, “definitely.” She said, “then I’m afraid I have to break up with you.”

She really didn’t give me a good reason why she had to break up with me other than to say she didn’t want to be the girlfriend of a married man. So she’s not coming with us to Nice.

I immediately called Jennifer and told her about the breakup, then asked if she felt the same. Her answer was clear: “absolutely not. I’ve been with you a year and I don’t ever see that changing.”

I thanked her profusely and hung up.

Jennifer and I have been together a year and she has never failed to make me happy. She’s a great cook, very submissive, and extremely perky and positive all the time. Not to mention she has a great body.

So the healing begins again.


My day yesterday

I spent part of yesterday babysitting my grandson and the other half I spent with Amelie walking. We had lunch in a park and walked about 6 km (3.7 miles). For lunch, Amelie had packed a buttered baguette with brie cheese, boiled egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and homemade dijon mustard. I brought a thermos full of Cabernet Sauvignon, so we just relaxed in the park while we ate and drank. It was excellent food.

The temperature was around 24 C yesterday (75 F) and it was brilliantly sunny all day. Just a beautiful day for a long walk, especially with all the colours out right now.

Amelie went home at about 5pm and I spent my evening in front of another raging fire. It was so beautiful. I just love spending time with fire. It’s so soothing.

I was so busy yesterday I didn’t even get the chance to do a strength work out. That’s okay. My muscles probably needed a rest considering how hard I’ve been pushing myself lately. And I got in 6km worth of cardio, so I’m not complaining.


Dinner with the girls

I took the girls to the riverside restaurant I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog. We all had duck a l’orange with lemon rice and sauteed onions and peppers. For an appetizer, I had an asparagus dip with fresh bread and I skipped dessert (I don’t like sugar and I’ve been consuming way too much of it lately). I had a glass of Bordeaux with dinner.

During dinner, Amelie asked me why I called her the same night I got her phone number. She asked why I didn’t wait a few days. I told her I liked her, so there was no sense in waiting. She said, “but what about the dance?” I said I don’t like dances because they’re just mind games and I don’t play mind games.

The girls all looked spectacular. Once again, Amelie wore her black spandex catsuit with black kitty ears. She looked phenomenal and I told her that. She suggested that she buy a few more spandex catsuits and I told her that when we marry, that may be all she would be allowed to wear. She smiled and said she’d buy more catsuits and kitty ears tomorrow. I liked that. Jennifer and Toi both wore little black dresses and looked fantastic.

We got to talking about doing some shopping when we go to Nice. Amelie said that the best shopping is in Milan and she’d be happy to fly us there while we’re in Nice. I thought that was a great idea, but it’s going to be an expensive trip for me, I can see that coming.

I mentioned that I really haven’t traveled much in my life and she said we’d have to remedy that this winter. She said she’d love to take us to the pyramids and the Holy Land which would be a dream come true for me.

I took Amelie home first, then Jennifer, Toi and I went back to my place. We had sex until 1am and fell asleep. I took them home this morning after making them breakfast.

Anyway, dinner was fabulous and the company is unmatched.


Dinner at Amelie’s – Titanic style!

I went to Amelie’s for dinner last night. It was an eleven course meal styled after the last meal served in First Class aboard the Titanic.

We started off with oysters and a glass of Chablis, then had cream of barley soup with a glass of Sherry.

Third course was fish and we had poached salmon in a mousseline sauce with a glass of Riesling. Fourth course was a filet mignon with a glass of Bordeaux. Fifth course was ‘removes’ and we had lamb with mint sauce with a glass of Beaujolais.

Then we had punch romaine for the sixth course, roasted cornish game hen on wilted cress for the seventh course accompanied by a pinot noir, then asparagus salad with homemade vinaigrette. 9th course was paté de foie gras with a late harvest Riesling. 10th course was sweets and we had French vanilla ice cream with muscatel. The ice cream was excellent. It had real flecks of vanilla bean in it.

Eleventh course was sweets which was assorted fruits and cheeses accompanied by champagne. I had my usual Camembert on Melba toast plus some green and red seedless grapes.

After dinner, Amelie and I retired to the parlour and had tea and a glass of port each.

I was too buzzed to drive home, so Amelie asked me to stay the night in one of her guest rooms, which I did. Her guest beds are incredibly comfortable.

I dressed in a white tie tuxedo for this dinner and Samantha didn’t disappoint. The entire meal was just excellent. Mind you, we began at 3pm and didn’t finish until 9pm, but it was worth it. Samantha also printed up the entire meal on a piece of foolscap, so that’s how I remembered everything.

In the parlour, Amelie asked me if she was wrong to get turned on by watching me spank Jennifer and Toi. I called it. I knew she was turned on. I told her that no, it wasn’t wrong. She said, “but I enjoyed watching it more than I enjoyed being spanked myself.” I assured her there was nothing wrong with it and suggested she might want to sit in a corner some time and watch me have sex with them (trying to bring out that inner cuckquean). She said she’s already fantasized about that. I suggested that once we’re married, we can try it. She smiled, hugged my arm and thanked me.

I drove home at 8am this morning. Along with the trip to the park with my grandson, I had a really fun time yesterday.


Our day

Amelie and I have decided to spend the entire day together.

It’s 24 degrees here (75 F) and we are currently at the park with my grandson. Atley (my grandson) has decided to call Amelie “grandma” and she likes it. My grandson is having a grand time on the slide and the monkey bars.

Tonight, we go to Amelie’s for an eleven course dinner fashioned after the Titanic’s last meal in First Class. I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I have to bring about 12 bottles of wine for dinner, but it’s fine.

My grandson is so cute.


Dinner at Amelie’s House

Jennifer, Toi, and I had dinner at Amelie’s place last night.

Amelie took the girls and I on a tour of the house again. This time we got to see the media room which is a 14 seat theatre with a big screen at the front and projector at the back. Amelie says she doesn’t watch a lot of movies (she doesn’t have time), so she really doesn’t use it.

Then we had dinner. To begin, we had paté de foie gras on Melba toast. For soup, we had duck consommé and Chardonnay which was very good. Then we had fish which was tilapia in a white wine sauce accompanied by a glass of Chablis. The main course was duck adobo which was accompanied by a glass of pinot noir. The salad was a traditional Caesar salad with chicken and shrimp in it (excellent!). The next course was cheese and I had my usual Camembert on Melba toast with a glass of late harvest Riesling. Dessert was a beautiful tiramisu. As usual, Samantha outdid herself on the presentation.

It was great to see the girls laughing and carrying on during dinner. They really get along well.

We had tea and coffee in the parlour along with a glass of Spanish sherry. When Samantha had gone to bed, the girls took turns getting spanked and slapped in the face. I could see Amelie was very turned on by it. I think she’s going to end up being a cuckquean.

It was about midnight when we left (the meal lasted five hours again). I took Toi home first and Jennifer home second then I went home.

Great meal, great company, and I got to see the girls laugh like they were on a girl’s night out. It was fun.


Two more restaurants!

I just returned home from my volunteer work.

I’ve got two new restaurants on board with freezing their leftover food and donating it to the food bank: the riverside restaurant I’ve mentioned several times and the new Italian restaurant.

When I go out to volunteer now, it takes 3 hours just to run around to the nine restaurants I deliver from. There’s a ton of food and it fills up the back of my SUV.

I’m liking volunteer work.