The picnic and dinner

Our picnic yesterday was great. Jennifer made club sandwiches to bring with her and I brought wine. Amelie brought some assorted fruits, so we lay under the warm sun, talked, and munched our way through most of the afternoon. We had a good day.

In the evening, Jennifer and I went to Amelie’s for dinner.

First course was hors d’oeuvres, which was pate de foie gras on Melba toast. Second course was soup which was leek, mushroom, and potato soup. Third course was fish and we had cod in a heavy cream sauce. Fourth course was the main which was rack of lamb with mint sauce. Fifth course was removes which was Parisian potatoes. They’re basically spherical potatoes pan fried in butter. Man alive, were they ever good.

Sixth course was salad and we had a Greek salad. Seventh course was dessert which I skipped and took three pieces of 99% dark chocolate instead. 8th course was cheese and fruit (sweets) and I had Camembert and red and green seedless grapes.

It was a fantastic meal. We went through two bottles of Barolo and one of Sauvignon Blanc over five hours.

After dinner, we retired to the parlour where Samantha served us tea in a sterling silver tea service and a glass of brandy each while I puffed my pipe. I think my pipe is getting really well-seasoned now. I could still taste the cheap tobacco in the bowl while I was smoking Black Honey tobacco.

I got this really convenient tobacco holder from the tobacco shop in Virginia on Saturday. Instead of carrying a plastic bag around, now I carry a brown leather pouch that contains my tobacco in an air-tight compartment as well as my pipe, my lighter, and pipe tools. It’s much easier and much classier.

We talked about marriage (again) and both Amelie and Jennifer said they want small weddings, but Amelie’s idea of a small wedding is 50 people. Jennifer’s idea of a small wedding is 20 people. My idea of a small wedding is me, my bride, the priest, and 2 witnesses. lol

Overall, we had a really good day.


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