Our trip to Virginia

We arrived at the airport at 9am and the jet was waiting for us. I was so nervous I was nauseous.

But then, once we took off, I realized it was really no different than a first class flight. We had big seats, food, champagne, and all the comforts of first class, but on a smaller plane. The only thing that was a real advantage was that when my suitcase containing tobacco was taken to the car, it didn’t get searched. I got a lot of tobacco, too. That and we had a direct flight from one small airport to another.

We had Eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon on the way to Virginia. That was followed by tea in a sterling silver tea service and champagne. The food was good (not excellent, but very good. Best I’ve ever had on a flight).

The main thing is I got a whole whack load of the finest tobacco in North America. I like flying on a private jet, but it doesn’t live up to the hype.


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