Dinner and polygamy

I went to dinner with Amelie and Jennifer last night. We went to the curry house. I had lamb rogan josh while the girls had Tandoori chicken. We all had a glass of wine with dinner.

During dinner, I said that I’d marry Jennifer if I could. Amelie said that would be nice. I said, “you know, I could do it. The Canadian government knows the polygamy laws in this country are unconstitutional and they’re not prosecuting anyone under the law because they know it will be overturned in the Supreme Court if they make an arrest.”

Amelie said, “that’s true. I say go for it.” Jennifer was struck and said, “you seriously want to marry me?” I told her I did. I let her know that I’d need a pretty strict pre-nup, but that if I had that, I’d definitely marry her. Amelie said she’d want a contract with Jennifer too, just to protect herself. Jennifer said she’d sign anything we wanted. Amelie was fully supportive of the idea. She actually seemed a little excited.

Then, of course, we started hashing out details: where would we live, who would sleep with whom, whose bed are we going to sleep in, what would Jennifer do for work since I wouldn’t let her work at the breastaurant anymore, those kinds of things. We worked it out pretty quickly and I closed the conversation by saying, “it’s something to seriously think about.”

I took Amelie home after dinner, then took Jennifer home. We had to be up early for our flight, so Jennifer didn’t stay the night.


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