How the dynamic has changed since Toi left

Jennifer and I went for dinner at Amelie’s last night.

Amelie wore a new spandex catsuit and kitty ears and black heels while Jennifer wore a short soft pink dress and pink heels. They both looked fantastic.

Before dinner, we all had a glass of Sherry in the parlour. We were talking about Toi most of the time, but then we started talking about me popping the question to Amelie. Jennifer said she didn’t think it was right that I get down on one knee to ask Amelie to marry me and Amelie and I agreed. I don’t know how it’s going to go down, but I’m not going to bow down to her.

But then I said, “you know, Jennifer has been so loyal to me that she should have an outward symbol of my love and devotion — like a promise ring.” Amelie thought that was a magnificent idea, so I asked Jennifer her favourite stone and her ring size. She said her favourite stone is a pink diamond, which will be expensive, but I don’t mind spending the extra money on someone who brings me so much joy. I got her ring size and have decided to go out and get their rings this week. There’s a great jeweler in my city who has a network so that he can find practically any ring I ask him to find and who will give me a fair deal on anything, so I’ll go to him.

Then it was time for dinner.

The appetizer was shrimp toast which is shrimp and water chestnuts blended into a paste, then placed on trimmed bread and fried in olive oil. Next was soup which was Moroccan Harira soup (chickpeas and lentils in a warmly spiced broth). Then it was fish which was sole in a delicate white wine sauce. The main course was Bohemian orange chicken which was served over Czech dumplings and covered in sauce. Absolutely delicious. Next was salad and we had Salad Lyonnaise (frisée lettuce and bacon and a poached egg in homemade dijon-shallot dressing). The dessert was chocolate decadence cake (triple chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips in it) but I didn’t have any. I’m still trying to stay off sugar as much as possible. Instead, Samantha brought me out a plate of 99% cacao Polish dark chocolate pieces (I absolutely love dark chocolate). It was very nice of her to accommodate me. Finally, we had cheese and seedless grapes. I had brie, Camembert, and Blue Stilton with both red and green grapes. We went through two bottles of Bordeaux with dinner, but it wasn’t bad considering it took 5 hours to eat.

The meal was absolutely fantastic and the dynamic between Jennifer and Amelie is different without Toi there. There’s a lot more laughing and joking. Including from me.

We retired to the parlour after dinner while Samantha cleaned up the kitchen. The girls had another glass of Sherry each, but since I was driving, I skipped it and just smoked my pipe.

We were talking about my pipe in the parlour and I told Amelie that there is a shop in Virginia that has some of the best pipe tobacco in the world, but I can’t get it into Canada because I can’t drive it in (I’ll get searched) and I can’t get it delivered to my house (it’ll get sniffed by dogs), so she suggested taking her father’s jet down there and just loading up on a bunch of it … enough to fill my entire cabinet humidors. She said private jets never get searched especially when they arrive at small airports (which ours is). I said that would be fantastic if both Amelie and Jennifer came with me. They agreed and Amelie called Samantha into the parlour. I gave Samantha the address of the tobacco shop from my phone and she said she’ll arrange it for this weekend. That’ll be great! I can finally smoke Black Honey Tobacco again! It’s my favourite tobacco and I haven’t smoked it in 5 years.

Also, that will be my first time ever riding in a private jet. I’m excited!

We left about 11pm and I took Jennifer home with me. We made love until about 2am then crashed for the night. This morning, she made me a delicious full English breakfast. It was fantastic.

I’m going to miss Toi but dinner was much more intimate without her.


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