Dinner with the girls

Last night I had dinner with the girls including Amelie.

Amelie was dressed in a black spandex body suit and kitty ears. She looked absolutely smoking. Jennifer was dressed in a short black skirt and so was Toi.

I tell you, the more I see of Amelie, the more I think I could easily fall in love with her. Her personality is just so agreeable and she is just SO cute. She’s just adorable.

When I took her home last night, she mentioned her parents and said she’s looking forward to me meeting them, but that I couldn’t mention that I was polyamorous. I said that would be nice and that I wouldn’t reveal my relationship with Jennifer and Toi.

Dinner itself was fantastic. I had chicken parmesan which was very good. The girls had wine, but I didn’t because since I was in hospital, I quit drinking.

Dinner and the company were excellent.


My phone call with Amélie

I spoke to Amelie on the phone last night.

I didn’t realize it, but she’s only 18 years old. She’s also a trust fund baby, which is a good thing. She won’t be asking for any of my money.

I told her the other two girls have Thursday off and asked her to come out to dinner with us, to which she agreed.

So I also spoke to Jennifer and Toi and they agreed to go out Thursday. It should be a nice evening.



I got a phone number today from a girl named Amelie. She’s a volunteer at the food bank.

She’s cute as a button, too. She’s only about 4’11”, but she has the cutest face I’ve ever seen. I told her I was polyamorous and she said that was fine, so she wants me to call her tonight, which I’ll do.