My Parents’ Anniversary

My parents’ anniversary is tomorrow, so I’m heading down there to celebrate with them.

As of tomorrow, they’ve been married 67 years. They’ve been a couple for over 70.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!


5 thoughts on “My Parents’ Anniversary”

    1. I’m not sure about that. Danielle was a part-time model and wanted to be someone, Holly is a Youtuber and wants to be someone, so I can’t say your theory is true for all of them, but maybe some of them? Like Toi. She definitely wants to be a nobody.



      1. No, she has never verbally expressed her desire to be a nobody, though when we were talking about her becoming a doctor, she did say, “I don’t want a lot of responsibility in life. I don’t want to be important.” So that’s kind of the same.



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