Danielle is moved out

Danielle moved out yesterday and has moved back in with her parents.

I helped her move, and although I didn’t like the work involved, I was glad she was getting what she wanted.

She didn’t have too much stuff, so it was an easy move.

I’m going to miss her, but don’t be surprised if I ask Holly to move in with me to support her YouTube channel.


Holly is a Conservative!

I’m impressed. Holly likes Jordan Peterson.

She and I watched a video of him last night in an interview with a BBC female anchor about the pay gap and then I asked her what she thought.

She said that Jordan seemed like he was avoiding all the “trap” questions laid down by the anchor and that his information seemed factual and made sense.

I asked her what she thought of Justin Trudeau and she said that she didn’t like him and that she was voting Conservative in the next election (she has never voted before).

So it turns out Holly is a conservative. I love it!



I just have to take a few moments here to talk about Holly, the girl that Toi, Jennifer and Danielle introduced me to recently.

Holly has a beautiful soft voice. She never swears and loves domesticity. She also has a fantastic body.

She’s soft and very, very feminine. She says she doesn’t want to work at the restaurant anymore, but instead wants to work on her YouTube channel. I’ve told her I’ll consider supporting her while her channel gains traction.

She’s got blonde hair and blue eyes and she really is my idea of the perfect 1950s girl – feminine, soft spoken, beautiful … everything.

Here’s to Holly.

*raises a glass*


Caroline is back!

My precious, sweet Caroline is back!

My 1956 Buick Special Convertible went into my neighbour, Bill, for a tune up on Thursday and she’s back. And she’s purring like a kitten.

Caroline has her original engine and original parts (except for her exhaust which was rebuilt) and she still runs like she was brand new.

I remember going down to Cuba and riding in a 1956 Buick Special taxi and I remember the purr it made as we ran down the road. Caroline sounds exactly like that now.

She’s a pleasure to drive. And even though I have to drive 6 girls to work in the mornings, it’s no problem. Caroline is a lovely vehicle who wants to please.


Short Update

Nothing much to report. I’ve been going out on dates with the girls.

Toi, Danielle, and Jennifer introduced me to Holly, their friend from the restaurant. She seems like a sweet girl.

Jennifer has changed her hair style. Instead of straight and long, it’s now a hot mess. Looks amazing. I love it.

Emily has been fantastic, always showing me compassion and a good time. She’s a good girl. Same with Danielle.