It’s Time For a Kitchen Counter-Revolution

Women who wear jeans, don’t know how to cook, and spend most of their time at the club or on Facebook used to be revolutionary.  Now they’re just “normies.”

Girls who wear dresses, heels, and aprons, can cook a fabulous meal from scratch, and spend most of their time tending to their man’s needs used to be an average girl.  Now they’re the rebels.

There’s too many normies in today’s world.  It’s time for a counter-revolution.  And what’s the best place for a counter-revolution?  Why, the kitchen counter, of course.

Put on a dress and a pair of heels.  Tie your apron around your waist.  Grab that old cookbook.  Get back in the kitchen.

Be a rebel.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time For a Kitchen Counter-Revolution”

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to read two four-thousand word essays to get your point, but let me answer based on my knowledge of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

      Rome and Greece were places where women were respected, but forbidden from holding any real rights (except the right to participate in religion). They weren’t permitted to hold public office nor vote. I think it was unwise of men to allow women to do these things in the West in the early part of last century. Women always vote with their emotions, never with logic. Voting requires a clear head and cannot be done by listening to one’s emotions.

      So yes, I think the Ancient Greeks had the right ideas about women and democracy.



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