Date with Toi

Well, last night, I had a wonderful date with Toi. We went out to dinner together at a French/Italian restaurant here in town.

The food was spectacular. I didn’t drink wine because I’ve been trying to cut down on my alcohol consumption. Toi didn’t ask for wine and I didn’t offer it.

It was a fine date. Toi really is a dummy. She kept talking about how impressed she was with the places I choose for dinner. Once was fine, but when it came to the third time, I just told her, “Toi, shut up about how impressed you are, baby. I get it.”

We went back to my place and had great sex (she sucked me before as is her ritual). She really does have an oral fixation and she’s fabulous at sucking.

I took her home about 2:15am when I went to pick up Danielle from the restaurant.

Emily is coming with me to drop off food again today. I’m planning to have sex with her when we get back to my place. She always seems willing, so it shouldn’t be a problem. My sex drive has jumped lately, so Emily will have to bear that burden.


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