Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – Objectification Of Women Is Natural

Some women say, “objectification of women is wrong.”  Wrong?  Wrong in what way?  Let’s take a look at how everyone and everything – including women themselves – objectify women:

The top women’s magazines – Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan – all objectify women like crazy.  And who are the editors and photographers in those magazines?  Women.

When a woman wants to go out to “Ladies’ Night,” even though she knows very few men will be there, she dresses to the nines.  She tells herself, “it’s about my confidence.”  Your confidence?  No, you’re objectifying yourself to be a nice thing to look at, even by other women.

Look at the explosion of the selfie.  And who are taking the most selfies?  Women, by far.  They make sure they get the camera angle right to include their cleavage and can spend hours in front of a mirror getting ready for the perfect shot.

Women objectify themselves instinctively.  They make themselves into an object for men, for other women, even for themselves.

Men don’t spend hours in front of a mirror trying to look “perfect,” or complain we have nothing to wear when we have a closet full of clothes, or want to be cat-called when we walk down the street.  But women sure do.  Despite how much women complain about that stuff, they need it.  They have to objectify themselves to feel validated.

In 2014, Feminist Jessica Valenti hated being cat-called as she walked down the street and criticized the patriarchy for cat-calling.  When it stopped, within 12 months, she lamented, “I hate that our culture makes me miss it” (Valenti, 2015).  Women want to be cat-called.  It reinforces their belief that they look good.  It strokes their ego.  It plays to their basal instincts that they’re a desirable object.  They’re not cat-calling your sparkling personality or university education, sweetheart.  They’re cat-calling a nice ass and pair of tits.

Objectification of women is natural for both men and women.  Anything less than raw objectification of women opposes nature itself.

And, if you haven’t noticed, nature is the biggest misogynist of all.

Objectification Of Women Is Natural, Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition). Copyright © August, 2018, January 2021, June 2022, Vintage In Stepford.  All Rights Reserved.

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