My weekend

Wow, I’ve been busy lately.

The girls and I shared a date on Saturday night. Samantha announced that the girls’ restaurant had hired her and her first night was tonight, Monday night.

Jennifer was super perky and happy as usual. That girl is so easy to get along with.

Danielle welcomed Samantha in to the foursome and said she had to go away for work starting Tuesday.

Then, on Sunday, Samantha came over and we cuckqueaned Danielle.

And today, I’ve got to deliver food to the food bank.

Jennifer and I haven’t been alone together in weeks. I hope that changes soon. I really love that girl.

Busy days!!!


2 thoughts on “My weekend”

  1. You certainly have got a busy social-life these days. I’ve been following your exploits but you’re posting quicker than I can comment 😂 I was especially happy to read how much your Dad liked your new car, I find you’re never too old to want a little parental approval. Sounds like you and the girls are all doing well too, glad you’re all enjoying yourselves!


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