Race Play with Samantha

Samantha came over last night.

She told me she wants to do Race Play with me. Race Play is where I insult her and call her racist names for being Chinese and she, in turn, calls me things like “big, strong White man” and stuff like that. This all happens while we’re having sex.

She says she’s fantasized about a Dominant, older, White man calling her those kinds of names and she says it turns her on unbelievably. So we gave that a shot in our love-making last night.

Danielle wasn’t involved last night (she was working), but Samantha said she loved the names I called her (names like “worthless gook”, “stupid slant bitch”, and “useless chink”).

Today, when I took her into work, she asked me to call her those kinds of names randomly even outside the bedroom. She says it will keep her turned on. So when she headed into work, I smacked her ass and called her a cute little dumb gook.

Samantha really is a catch. I’m going to keep the dumb chink bitch.


5 thoughts on “Race Play with Samantha”

  1. Do you think this fetish of Samantha’s comes from her parents’ disappointment regarding her profession?

    On the subject of East Asians, there is, on the one hand, the stereotype of them being highly industrious and obsessed with obtaining prestigious professions (i.e doctor). On the other hand, there is the stereotype of many filling low-IQ service jobs like nail salon beautician and waitress where being cute (not brainy) is important.


    1. I think that’s exactly where the fetish stems from.

      That’s true. And Samantha is cute enough to be an excellent nail technician for the rest of her life, but she has big tits, too, so she’d be better off waitressing. She’d make a ton of money.



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