This blog seems to be turning into more of a diary than a blog. Everything I write here gets written in my journal.

I went on a date with Samantha last night and it was fantastic.

She’s gorgeous. Dark black hair, black eyes, the cutest Asian face I’ve ever seen (her family is from Hong Kong), big tits, gorgeous body, 5’1, about 115 lbs., spectacular all around. She does manicures for a living. She wore a tight black skirt and what looked like a strapless bikini top to dinner. She looked fantastic.

We talked about everything from Danielle’s desire to be cuckqueaned (Samantha said that would be awesome) to Samantha’s desires for a dominant, older white man.

We had a fantastic dinner together and got along extremely well. At the end of the night, I asked her if she wanted me to take her home and she said, “what about your place?” I said that would be great, and we stopped by her place for something to wear in the morning.

We got back to my place and Danielle whispered to me, “does she want to cuckquean me?” to which I replied she did.

We had a full night until 2:30 am. Danielle was exhausted and spent by the end of the night (no wonder) and so was Samantha.

Turns out her name is not Samantha, but Yu Yan, which is a Cantonese name. She moved to Canada when she was two years old (she’s 22 now) and her parents are not particularly proud of her seeing how they wanted her to become a doctor. They live down in Toronto, but she loves the serenity of my area.

The night was spectacular and Danielle, Jennifer and Samantha will be coming out with me on Saturday night for a date.

Samantha went into work this morning (I took her in) and it was a very successful evening.


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