Danielle and a new purchase

Danielle came home today, so we’re hoping to have a date tomorrow night.

Also, I’ve decided to buy a vintage car: I’m after a 1956 Buick Special Convertible. They’re pretty pricey, but I’ve always wanted a vintage car and I figure I’ll treat myself.

Ever since my copyright lawsuit settlement, I can actually buy these kinds of things now. It’s great. Not to mention I can afford to buy dinner for all 3 girls at any time without any stress to my budget.

It’s really wonderful and I’m eternally grateful.

P.S. Please don’t ask me much about the lawsuit. I’m not allowed to discuss details.


Update on the Girls

Since Danielle has been gone, we’ve been talking for a couple of hours every evening on Skype.

She really is easy to talk to. She’s easy going, plays no head games, and generally makes my life easier. Danielle is the kind of girl who makes my dick hard, not my life.

I love this girl to death and I’ve decided; when she comes back and we go out to dinner alone, I’m asking her to move in with me.

Quincey and Jennifer have been working like crazy so I really haven’t had many dates with them lately. They’re making great money though. It seems that everyone has been needing to spend more money now that the pandemic is over, and their tips are outstanding. The restaurant is still short-staffed for waitresses, so they’ve been picking up every available shift.

Jennifer and Quincey are still little hotties, though. I’d love to spend more time with them but that will have to wait.


Moving In?

Danielle and I have been together for nearly a year. We’re madly in love and we’ve never had an argument.

She still lives with Amanda and has complained on a number of occasions that Amanda is constantly criticizing me and thinks Danielle should dump me. Danielle doesn’t like that.

She has told me that she wants to move out but can’t afford to live on her own. So, I’m beginning to think that when we have our anniversary dinner, I should ask Danielle to move in with me. I’ll never get married again, but moving in is fine with me.

It’s a big decision for me to make. I love living alone. I love my independence. I love the solitude. But Danielle has been the perfect partner for a full year now and I feel I owe her a greater commitment than just dating.



Danielle has to go out of town for 10 days for her other job, so it’ll just be me, Jennifer and Quincey hanging out together (if they get time off work!).

Danielle and I are celebrating our one year anniversary in April and I’m hoping she doesn’t have to go out of town for that. If she does, it isn’t really a problem, we’ll celebrate when she gets back.


A Break?

To be honest, I was getting a little tired of going out every single night on dates. I never had an evening to myself.

But now that COVID is over, the girls have been working almost every night. They’re working again today because of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Like I said, I was getting kind of tired of never having an evening to myself, but I like it even less that we’re barely going out on dates at all. I’m sure it will settle down into a routine, after all, the novelty of going out to dinner again is going to wear off on some people, but for now, I find I’ve got absolutely nothing to do in the evenings.


Another Date Night

The four of us are going on a dinner date tonight. It used to be just Tuesdays and Sundays when there were only two girls and we were in the middle of the pandemic, but the restaurant is bouncing back in terms of business, and I just have to take the girls out whenever all three of them have the night off.

We’re going to a new restaurant tonight, so that will be fun. It’s French and I love French food.

We’re taking an Uber mini-van at 7pm, so I can drink.

Just a quick update since I haven’t written since March 5.

By the way, my mother had a birthday on March 7. She turned 85 and is still completely healthy, mobile, and enjoying life.


Date night

I didn’t go on a date last night because, amazingly, all three of the girls were working at their restaurant. Not to mention it was Sabbath and I don’t like spending on Friday evenings because of that.

But we’re going out again tonight (minus Quincey who couldn’t get the night off) and I expect we’re going to have a great time. We’re taking an Uber tonight which means I can drink wine during dinner.

Nothing really special, but it’s another night of freedom. Besides, I haven’t written in a few days, so I figured I’d keep you all updated.


Special Dinner

Tonight, I’m going out with all of the girls to dinner. It’s an important night because the vast majority of all COVID restrictions have been lifted as of today. That means we don’t need to show our vaccine passports, and there won’t be a capacity limit at the restaurant. Masks are still required, but where I live, nobody is bothering with the mask mandate anymore unless it’s a government-run location like the liquor store or beer store.

So tonight will be our first taste of real freedom here at home since this whole stupid thing started. We got away from it for a while when we went to Florida, but it’s not the same as experiencing freedom at home.

I always order for the girls (they prefer it that way) and tonight I’m going to order something very chocolatey for dessert. I know they’ll love that almost as much as freedom.