Date Night

The girls (including Quincey) and I went out to dinner last night.

It was kind of funny. Danielle and Jennifer were talking to Quincey excitedly about polyamory and all the benefits. It was like they were selling her a new car. lol

Quincey said she had heard about our arrangement from Jennifer at work and immediately loved the idea. So when the date was over, I took Danielle home first, Jennifer home second, and got a few minutes to spend alone with Quincey while I took her home.

She told me she was very interested in it. She didn’t mention long term or short term, she just said she was interested.

So when I took her to her door, I gave her a kiss, patted her ass and let her go inside.

When I told Danielle and Jennifer about the kiss and the pat on the ass this morning on the phone, they were both incredibly excited.

So I’m going to ask Quincey out alone for Friday night because Sunday night is another date night for all of us.


Food Bank Success

I spoke to the manager of the girls’ restaurant today.

When he was told I was calling, he got on the phone with me and said he just didn’t have time to discuss it. I told him, “that’s a shame. I’d hate for the media to find out that you had an opportunity to help the local food bank but wouldn’t make the time to discuss it.” He was very defensive for a short time after I said that but quickly became very cooperative.

So last night, he ordered the cooks to batter and cook the remaining thawed wings, then cover them and stick them in the freezer. They did so and I received a call today to tell me the wings were ready for pick up and would be ready at 11am every day from now on.

So today, I took about 200 wings to the food bank.

Next, I’m going to tackle KFC and see if they can do the same. I’m sure they have thawed chicken at the end of a shift and they could cook it and freeze it for the next day. I’m going to call them tomorrow.