Food Bank News

All of the restaurants contributing to the food bank want a sign made for the inside of the food bank stating who they are and that they’re contributors. That’s not a problem. I’ve collected all their logos and am having the sign made.

A local grocery store says they can’t contribute food because of provincial law, but will place a bin in the front of the store for people to donate food. On top of that, they’re going to start asking customers to contribute a dollar and they’re going to match every dollar donated. I’ve included their name and logo on the sign. Fortunately, the sign is very inexpensive.

I approached a roadhouse restaurant today about contributing and they said they will do what they can and to contact them tomorrow for a list of what they can donate.

This is really taking off!


Date Night and Updates

The four of us went out to dinner at the Indian restaurant I mentioned in a previous post. The food was absolutely excellent. I had tandoori chicken with rice and na’an bread while the girls had chicken tika masala with rice and na’an bread. The company was excellent and the girls are really bonding well.

I’ve decided that I won’t be reporting on date nights anymore. We just go out too often. I have a date with each of the girls every week, then two dates with all of them and it’s got to be boring for you to read my very limited summaries of the dates, so I’ve decided I’ll only write about them when something significant happens.


The Girls Deferring To Me

The girls have adopted a new strategy to please me: deferring to me.

I get multiple calls per day when they’re out shopping and can’t decide whether to buy something. I ask a few questions then make a decision.

Whenever we have a date, they simply ask, “where are we going?” as opposed to “where do you want to eat?”

And whenever there’s a major decision in their lives, they tell the other person to hang on while they text me and consult with me. Again, I ask a few questions and make a decision.

This is all part of their plan to be as pleasing as they can be. And believe me, it’s working wonderfully.

Defer to your man. He always has time for you and he always has your best interests at heart.


Indian Restaurant on Board With Food Bank

I contacted a local curry house/Indian restaurant and they said they’re more than willing to help with my food bank project.

They say they always have chicken left over at the end of the night, so they’re going to bathe it in curry sauce and serve it with rice and na’an bread in cardboard containers.

I can pick it up every day at noon.

I can’t thank these people enough. They were just so co-operative and helpful.


Don’t Get Lax About Routines or Discipline

One of the things I’ve learned from the girls is to never, ever get lax about discipline or routines no matter how well your girl behaves.

When a girl behaves well, men have a tendency to think that their girl deserves some freedom, but this is a huge mistake. Your girl will only take that to mean that you don’t care about her.

No matter how well she behaves, don’t slack off of routines or discipline.


Date night with Quincey

Quincey and I went out to dinner alone last night. I chose a restaurant that I’ve never been to before. The service and food were excellent.

All of this taking the girls out to dinner is making me feel good. These restaurants have been struggling throughout the pandemic and it feels good to help out just a little bit.

Quincey wore a white dress which is unusual for her. Anytime I’ve seen her outside of work, she’s always worn black, but the crocheted white dress she wore made her appear more light and airy.

I found out her parents are from Serbia (explains the black hair), so that was interesting.

All in all, it was a great meal and her company was excellent. I really like her and she seems to love the benevolent sexist in me.