Feminism is Wrong

Women are not inherently the same as men.

The vast majority of women are far more empathetic than men.  They have different hormones running through their bodies.  Women tend to feel things while men tend to do things.  Women make decisions based on what feels good, men tend to make decisions based on what does good.  

We are very different, men and women, and scientific study after scientific study has proven it.

If you’re a feminist who believes you’re essentially the same as a man, you’re fooling yourself and setting yourself up for a life of unhappiness.

Women who embrace their femininity, however, have been proven to be happier and more at peace with themselves and the world.

So if you choose to believe you’re just like men, that’s your decision.  But there are consequences to every decision – and statistics prove the consequence for believing you’re no different than men is probably a life of unhappiness.

Femininity – the proven path to female happiness.


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