The Cabin and Quincey

We got home yesterday and had a power failure so I wasn’t able to write more. We had a good time, but the girls were nagging me about a girl at their work named Quincey.

Danielle and Jennifer have been nagging me since we went to Florida to meet this girl at their work named Quincey. I’ve seen her at the restaurant before and she’s a knockout (black hair to her ass, big black eyes, hourglass figure – big tits, tiny waist, wide hips).

But I told the girls that I thought 3 girls was too many for me. They didn’t back down, though, so I asked why they were so interested in me having a third girl.

Danielle gave her usual response and said she thought I deserved the best and should have whatever I wanted — and since Quincey is interested in our poly arrangement, she figured it was a good fit.

Jennifer was more personal. She said she loved having sisters who share the same man. It’s something they can bond over and swap stories about. Jennifer said it was unlike any other friendship she’s ever known and she loves it.

They both made convincing cases (and nagged me particularly hard at the cabin), so I’m going to ask Quincey on a 4-way date with the girls. If that works, I’ll ask her out alone.

I figure I’m probably getting in over my head, but what the hell … I just want to have fun.


The MGTOW Movement

One of the many reasons the MGTOW movement has gained such tremendous traction in recent years is because women have not invested in their talents as much as they used to.

Unless you can cook, clean, sew, do incredible makeup and hair, knit, crochet, entertain, mix a drink, and fuck like a French whore, men can probably pay someone to do your job.

Love alone would be great, but love isn’t enough these days.  In order to be the perfect 1950s housewife, you have to be able to do all of these things plus be completely obedient.

If you don’t know how to cook, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to sew, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to do your makeup perfectly, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to mix the perfect drink, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to suck like the perfect whore, watch porn.

Training to be the perfect housewife doesn’t require expensive lessons, it only requires that you lift weights while you watch videos and learn.

If you’re not willing to make that investment, welcome to Lifelong Singlesville.  But if you’re capable of doing two tasks at once, you’ve increased your chances of landing the perfect traditional husband by at least 80%.

Surely you can lift weights and watch videos, right?

“Of course I can … and don’t call me Shirley.”

Clever girl.


Let’s Face it – You Want to be an Object

And the good news is, that’s how men see you – a pretty little inferior creature whose only real purpose is to look good to keep men going through the day.

You see, despite what feminism teaches, the truth is that every girl just wants to be adored for how good she looks; how perky her tits are, how firm her ass is, how pretty she made up her face that day.  Sure, people will tell you, “beauty fades, so you’d better be an amazing person when it does,” but you and I know you don’t want beauty to fade and you’re fighting it every step of the way.

Want proof?  Has any man ever told you that he loves you purely based on your sparkling personality?  No and thank God.  The moment he does, you know you need to step up your game in the appearance department.

You want to be objectified by men.  That’s your only goal in life.  Sure, you may publicly claim that objectification of women is horrible, but deep inside, you just want men to get hard when they see you in heels.

If we’re going to seek truth in life, let’s start with the basics: you’re a girl, so the only thing that really matters to you is male attention.  You can claim to be a feminist, or a social justice warrior, or whatever label you want to paste on yourself.  But that voice in your wet slit is telling you that you need men to look twice when they see you.  It’s telling you that you want to be catcalled.  It’s telling you that you need to look better tomorrow than you did today.

And hey, that’s okay.  Even if it goes against social programming, at least it’s the truth. 

It comes down to this: only beauty matters.  When you look hot and men pay attention to you, you feel a lot better than you do when other women say you’re “empowered.”

Screw being empowered.  You just want to be an object for men.