Hallowe’en with my grandson

Tonight is the day before the girls and I go away to the cabin. And it’s Hallowe’en.

I’m going to take my grandson out trick-or-treating while his parents stay home and hand out candy.

I love little holidays like this with my grandson. He’s an amazing little guy.

After all that, the girls and I are going back to their friend’s place for a Hallowe’en party.

This should be fun.


The Girls

The girls are in their mid-20s but because they take care of their skin so well, they both look like they’re 18.

So when they told me they had a special surprise for me before leaving for the cabin, I was excited.

Danielle chose to wear black lingerie for our entire trip while Amanda wore nothing but a white cotton dress shirt and white ballet slippers.

They changed when we went out walking to go look at colours, but slipped back into their sexy attire when we returned.

I’m one lucky bastard.