Femininity > Feminism

If you wear torn jeans and a sloppy sweatshirt, you’ll find very few men will hold a door for you.

But if you put on a dress, heels, and a pearl necklace, men will fall over themselves to hold that same door.

There is great power in femininity.  Feminine women have shaped empires, influenced world leaders, and helped to make the world a better place.  Feminism has contributed nothing of value to modern society and women are unhappier than they have ever been because of it.

Femininity is more powerful than feminism.  Always has been, always will be.



I wasn’t too far wrong in speaking about Amanda and I getting back together.

According to Danielle, Amanda wants me to ask her out on a date to talk about getting back together. Apparently, she went on a date with another guy and couldn’t stand how “good” he was and how much of a nice guy he was, so she wants me to consider getting back together.

I’ve called Amanda this morning and we’re going out on Tuesday night for dinner.

The date with Danielle was fantastic. I had a great meal and Danielle is always great company.


Date Night!

Tonight is date night with Danielle and she wants to discuss Amanda. I have no idea of the details of her thoughts, I just know we’re supposed to discuss Amanda.

Amanda was a nice girl, but Danielle is far more sexist than Amanda ever was. When I would say things like “it’s okay, you’re just a girl”, Danielle would smile and Amanda would go very quiet. So in that sense, Danielle appealed to me more than Amanda did.

Mind you, Amanda is smoking hot.

Listen to me, I’m talking like we’re getting back together. We’re not. It’s date night and I’m looking forward to a ribeye steak dinner.


I’m back and a video

I’m back from the cabin.

One of the wonderful things about Danielle is that she reads. And while she’s reading, I’m usually watching the game on my laptop. That happened again last weekend. She was reading and I watched the game. She never bothered me once and I never interrupted her. It was bliss.

Speaking of bliss, listen to Christina Hoff-Sommers explain the fragility of modern feminists:

So, I’m back, and glad to be so.