Two Things …

First, I want to apologize for the lack of new posts lately. There’s two reasons for this. First that I’m still getting over Amanda’s decision to break up, and second because I have terrible writer’s block right now and can’t think of a single thing to write.

Also, I want to let you know that Danielle and I are going away to the cabin on Sunday, so I’ll be unavailable for a week.

Enjoy your week.


Back in the 50s Part II

Back in the 50s …

Men always opened doors for girls.

Girls never complained about being “oppressed”.

Men only hoped for a kiss on the first date.

Men. Always. Paid.

Girls never lied about how much they were paid per hour versus men.

Girls played coy and shy over a kiss, and men accepted that as part of the courting ritual.

Let’s bring back the 50s.


Bittersweet News

Danielle moved in with Amanda this past weekend, but something else was cooking in Amanda’s mind.

Last night, Amanda told me she no longer wanted to be a part of our little trio. I consulted with Danielle and she said that didn’t affect how she felt about me, so she wanted to continue our relationship.

So, sadly, Amanda is no longer part of our little trio. Fortunately, Danielle wants to continue our relationship.

Bittersweet news indeed.


Eliminate Decisions

When you give her an instruction, don’t be overly polite. Don’t say:

Would you please hand me that book?

Could you please get me a coffee?

Would you mind handing that newspaper to me?

See, in your girl’s mind, those are decisions to be made.  “Would I please?” “Could I?”  “Would I mind?

Decisions like these complicate her world and the last thing she needs is more complications in her life.

At the same time, manners are important and by using them, you’re setting the politeness bar for her.

Instead of the above, try:

Please hand me that book.

Get me a coffee, please.

Hand that news paper to me, doll.

See?  Much simpler.  No decisions to be made, no thinking involved.  Easy, concise instructions make her head clearer and her heart lighter.

So, when you give her an instruction, don’t leave anything to chance.  A short, memorable command – not request – is what she needs to hear.

And she’ll obey without question.


Investing in Talents

One of the many reasons the MGTOW movement has gained such tremendous traction in recent years is because women have not invested in their talents as much as they used to.

Unless you can cook, clean, sew, do incredible makeup and hair, knit, crochet, entertain, mix a drink, and fuck like a French whore, men can probably pay someone to do your job.

Love alone would be great, but love isn’t enough these days.  In order to be the perfect 1950s housewife, you have to be able to do all of these things plus be completely obedient.

If you don’t know how to cook, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to sew, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to do your makeup perfectly, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to mix the perfect drink, watch YouTube.  If you don’t know how to suck like the perfect whore, watch porn.

Training to be the perfect housewife doesn’t require expensive lessons, it only requires that you lift weights while you watch videos and learn.

If you’re not willing to make that investment, welcome to Lifelong Singlesville.  But if you’re capable of doing two tasks at once, you’ve increased your chances of landing the perfect traditional husband by at least 80%.

Surely you can lift weights and watch videos, right?

Of course you can.