Our Walk in the Woods

Danielle and I were planning on a walk in the forest this morning.

She arrived at my house ready to go and when I came downstairs, she told me to sit down so she could put my shoes on for me.

I’m sure I looked a bit puzzled as she did so, but she said, “I just want to make you happy. You give us so much that it’s only fair to do the same in return to you.”

Danielle has mastered the art of being a good, submissive possession.


News about Danielle and Amanda

It turns out that Danielle and Amanda are going to be roomies.

Danielle called me last night to tell me she was moving out of her mother’s place to go live with Amanda just across town. This will make it a lot easier for the three of us to communicate and I’m hoping this is truly good news for them … and for me.

Secondly, Danielle said that now that the salons are all opened up, she went and got styled at her favourite stylist’s place, and she now has black hair and long nails (she always used to keep her nails short). She said she also went to an optometrist and got coloured contacts yesterday. She knows I prefer vintage box black hair and green eyes, so that’s what she set herself up with.

I’m really looking forward to seeing her new look. The three of us are going out together Sunday night.


Humiliate Her … Just a Little

Instead of referring to her as “honey” or “baby”, sprinkle a little humiliation into your conversation – but be sure to make it possessive.

Such as:

Good night, my little dummy.

What are you baking, my sweet little idiot?

Get me a coffee, my little slut.

By using the word “my” followed by a gently humiliating name, she’ll feel owned, dominated, and wet.


What Killed Feminism?

Let’s face it: feminism is dead.  Oh sure, there are a few anachronists on the fringes of society who still hold on to their pink banners hoping for a return to the glory days of the movement, but for the most part, we live in a post-feminist world.  Feminism as a movement was struggling in the middle of the last decade and, like a building that has outlived its usefulness, it imploded and collapsed under its own weight.

What happened?

Firstly, of course, all of feminism’s goals were achieved.  The right to work with equal pay, the right to be treated as equals to men, the right to sexual autonomy – all of these things were enshrined in law or, at the very least, in the public consciousness.  Even with all its goals completed, however, feminists felt the world still needed them and, like the building mentioned above, feminism simply outlived its usefulness in modern society.

One of the fatal flaws of recent feminism was the denial of basic, scientifically-proven truths.  Feminists insisted that women were being paid only 77% of what men were being paid for doing the exact same job.  However, economists quickly pointed out that if this were true, corporations would hire only women.  “Gender is a social construct” was another rallying cry of feminism, but the majority of the West understood that gender is not fluid and is not a social construct, but is based in anatomy and biology.  These denials of what the majority knew to be true undermined feminism’s credibility in Western society and, in turn, weakened the foundations of the movement.

Feminism took on goals that were too lofty and expected them to be accepted by the public in very short order – something the general public was unwilling to do.  Expanding on the “gender is a social construct” idea, feminism forwarded the idea that people who were born as biological men could participate in women’s athletics and win fairly.  This did not sit well with the majority of the Western population and the feminist agenda was further diluted.

In fairness, not all feminists were so willing to accept transgenderism as a part of the feminist cause.  TERF’s, or Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists, rallied against the inclusion of transgender individuals in the feminist movement reasoning that a biological man had no real idea of the obstacles women faced.  This saw the start of a tremendous amount of infighting within the feminist movement and the trans-exclusive and trans-inclusive crowds turned on each other like rabid wolves ultimately weakening the structure and integrity of feminism.

But perhaps two of feminism’s greatest failings were its embrace of victimhood and its lack of self-awareness.

When feminism began, the movement was about women not being treated as children, but rather being treated as equals who were strong and mature enough to carve their own destinies.  Over time, feminism became a sort-of “oppression Olympics” and points were tallied depending on how oppressed an individual was in modern society.  Victimhood became the name of the game in feminism and instead of standing strong and maturely against life’s challenges as equal partners would do, feminists began to behave more like children comparing their personal traumas instead of trying to empower themselves.  This was the implosion of feminism.

But feminism also lost its sense of self-awareness and began wearing blinders.  The movement was supposed to be about gender equality.  In the end, it was mostly about misandry and ignoring all injustices that were not committed against females.  This huge imbalance and hypocritical stance caused the final collapse of feminism.

I have often wondered if feminists merely seek someone to “put them in their place” as it were – someone to hold them accountable, someone to call them out on their nonsensical behavior.  After all, this would explain feminism’s preoccupation with patriarchal systems like Islam that oppress women.  The more research I have done into the Men First and Inequality movements, the more I have explored Traditional Gender Roles and Benevolent Sexism, the more I have talked to former feminists who have left the cult of feminism to take their rightful place in the kitchen, the more I realize my hypothesis was most likely correct – most feminists don’t believe that which they espouse.  Most of them had absent or permissive fathers and simply want to be held accountable for the first time in their lives.  For many young women, feminism was little more than a facade that echoed their anger toward their own fathers.

Ultimately, that is probably what caused the collapse of feminism — for most feminists, the entirety of feminist theory is a good way to explain their own anger toward the men in their own lives and to express their hope of finding someone who will hold them accountable in their day to day actions.  The facade was bound to fall eventually and while infighting and hypocrisy ripped feminism apart from within, public opinion turned against the movement until it could stand no longer.


Date with Amanda

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn’t write about my date with Amanda until a couple of days later. It wasn’t intentional.

Amanda and I had a great time. We didn’t really have a lot to discuss. She asked me why we were so silent during dinner and I said it could possibly be that we’re so comfortable with each other now, we don’t really need to talk a lot.

She asked how things were going with Danielle, and I told her everything was fine and that she could see for herself when we go to the cabin on the 30th of July.

Other than that, it was a very quiet date.


Date with Danielle

Danielle and I went on our date last night. We had dinner at a local bistro that I’ve been missing since Covid struck.

During dinner, Danielle apologized to me for the way she was thinking before. She said she was so focused on being envious and angry that she never thought about my feelings and my pleasure. I commended her for changing her thinking.

We had a great dinner, a good and productive conversation, and a wonderful evening out together.


Danielle Again

Danielle came over to my place for a chat yesterday evening.

She says she was thinking of breaking up our little trio but realized that it was just her jealousy that was forcing her to do so. She said she realized it was wrong and she apologized.

For my part, I told her I’d pay more attention to her and not focus on Amanda so much.

Overall, I was so proud of Danielle for admitting what she did and being so mature about it. I was proud of the way she handled this whole thing. Not with malice and envy in her heart, but in an honest attempt to make this work.

We’ve decided to have individual date nights where I take one of the girls out for dinner as long as the other one is informed.

Danielle and I will be having dinner Thursday night.