Be fun, be silly!

Look at this little dummy.  She has exactly zero shame about showing herself off as an object for men’s amusement.  Best of all, she’s just being herself.

Silly girls are fun girls.  And fun girls are sexy girls.

Be sexy.  Be silly.  Be fun.


“He Was Right.”

You asked him to make a decision for you and he didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear.

But look back on your relationship with him.  He’s always been right or, at least, rarely wrong.  And if you think hard, you may not have realized it at the time, or the next day, or even the next week, but eventually, one day you said to yourself, “he was right.”

The entire point of trusting someone with your life is to trust that they have the wisdom to make good decisions on your behalf.  And the only way to trust is to realize that he’s rarely wrong about anything and that your judgment, quite frankly, is terrible.

Silly girl.  Decisions are for men.


Back in the 50s …

Back in the 50s, a woman would get her face slapped for being disrespectful to a man.

Let’s bring that back.

Back in the 50s, a man would open doors for his girl every time she passed through one – not just at the start of their relationship.

Let’s bring that back.

Back in the 50s, couples would never bad-mouth each other to friends or family. Everything that went on inside their home stayed in their home.

Let’s bring that back.

Let’s bring back the values of the 1950s.