2 thoughts on “Sorry!”

  1. Hello sir!

    I’ve been a longtime follower of your blogs ever since you became prominent on twitter, and over time they really helped me grow and flourish as a person. If there’s anything you would like to chat about please let me know, I’d be more than glad to try to help you back into your writing space if I can! F/19/TR/58kg/164cm


    1. Thank you very much, Lily! It’s great to hear from long time fans. I miss Tumblr in it own way (I was never on Twitter, so I assume you meant Tumblr). Everyone was so supportive there. I got a lot of hate mail too, but I get that here, so whatcha gonna do? hehe. Thanks very much for the offer, Lily. I may take you up on that someday.

      5 pieces of information. Gold Star!! Very good girl!



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