Be Rough With Her

If she smiles when you slap her face, take that as a big consent signal to keep hitting her.

Girls who enjoy a slap in the face don’t want you to stop at one. That smile should tell you to keep going.

So rough her up and manhandle her. She loves to know you’re an intellectual giant, but a little physical roughness turns her on more than you think.


Decorate Her How You Wish

She’s your property.  You decorate your car how you wish, you decorate your home how you wish, so it only makes sense that you decorate her how you wish.

Lay out her clothes for her the night before.  Maybe it’s a pretty little Stepford outfit.  Maybe it’s a pair of black thigh highs, a short skirt, and a pink wig.  The only limit is your imagination.

Decorate your trophy however you wish.  She’s your property, after all.


Margaret Atwood

“Man-hatin’ Maggie” (as we call her here in her home country) should be charged with hate speech.

Almost the entirety of her work expresses her disdain for men and tries to justify why we should be eliminated.

If she wrote that way about any other group, she’d be hit with hate speech charges.  But because it’s against men, society gives her a pass and, in fact, celebrates her work.

I don’t agree with hate-speech laws.  I’m a free-speech absolutist.  Say what you want, express what you want, anything and everything goes.  Yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater?  Yep, that’s free speech.

But if we have to suffer under the tyranny of hate speech laws, they should apply to everyone – and that includes Margaret Atwood.

Atwood doesn’t belong at the top of a best-sellers list.

She belongs in jail.


Book Review: Sex and Society

I just finished re-reading Sex and Society by William I. Thomas (1907).  According to his research into 80+ civilizations, once a society begins to decline because of its lack of sexual restraint, that society will eventually collapse (usually within 100 years) and there is no case in history where that has ever been reversed.

And before you go saying something stupid like “VIS doesn’t support LGBT!“, let it be known that I am considered to be LGBT+ myself (I’m demisexual) and I am not a conservative, but I am well aware of what it means to be a true conservative because I used to be one.  I am an anarcho-theocratic-monarchist, which essentially means, “do whatever the hell you want, just be prepared to answer to the King when (not if, but when) he judges you.

So, is it possible to make America great again?

Not a chance.  Sure, America may prosper for a short time but eventually (within 100 years), America will implode primarily due to its lack of sexual restraint.

There are other factors that are causing the decline of America – the increasing debt despite the President saying America is making more money than ever, the death of the Bill of Rights in 2012 when President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which was renewed by President Trump in 2017, all of these have contributed to the decline of America.  But if we look at the root causes, porn, sexual promiscuity, and a lack of sexual restraint (primarily female sexual autonomy) is what has caused America to return to bondage.  Just as it was in bondage to England in 1775, this time, America’s bondage is the chains of its own making.  Those chains will see the collapse of America and Western civilization as we know it – probably by the year 2060.

When promiscuity rules the land, the nation is doomed.  According to Thomas, within 100 years of America’s new, permissive culture (I’d say the sexual revolution of the 1960s is the starting point), America will collapse because of its modern, permissive nature.


The Old. The Outdated.

I write my personal journals at an old 1940s student desk.  You know, the ones with the flip lid for keeping your papers inside.

I write with fountain pens.  Only fountain pens.  I usually write in blue and have 9 different shades of blue – mostly from Robert Oster Inks, though I do use Noodler’s, Waterman, and Pilot.

I have an oil lamp on my desk that keeps me warm in the winter while I write.  It also provides a surprising amount of light.

And here’s the best part: above my desk is a bookshelf.  On it is a dictionary.  And when I’m unsure of the exact spelling of a word, I pull out the dictionary and look it up.  Sure, I could pull out a phone and look it up, but I don’t permit myself to have ANY electronics in my study (that includes digital clocks.  I rely on my watch – which is not electronic – to tell me the day, date, and time.  Thank God for Orient Watches).

I know cursive handwriting and use it every time I write with a pen.

These things are old fashioned and outdated.

Which is exactly why I love them.


Smokey Eyes

Another thing I noticed about the girls last week was their tendency to make their eyes smokey.

When the girls would blink or close their eyes, they seemed particularly large.

I asked both Amanda and Danielle about this and they both replied that smokey eyes were a sign that a girl wanted intimate relations.

Ladies, if you want to have sex with a man, just put on smokey eyes. Unless he doesn’t receive signals well, he’ll know exactly what you want.


Bright Colours

Last week, I noticed that the girls (Amanda and Danielle) both wore bright colours (particularly red) most of the time.

I asked them about this and Amanda said, “bright colours attract the eye” while Danielle said, “bright colours make a girl more noticeable.”

If you’re a single girl looking for a traditional man, try wearing bright colours. The girls’ theory works – they do stand out against the background when they’re wearing bright colours.


What is Benevolent Sexism?

Benevolent sexism is a form of paternalistic prejudice (treating a lower status group as a father might treat a child) directed toward women. Prejudice is often thought of as a dislike or antipathy toward a group. Benevolent sexism, however, is an affectionate but patronizing attitude that treats women as needing men’s help, protection, and provision (i.e., as being more like children than adults). Benevolently sexist attitudes suggest that women are purer and nicer than men, but also mentally weaker and less capable. Behaviors that illustrate benevolent sexism include overhelping women (implying they cannot do something themselves), using diminutive names (e.g., “sweetie”) toward female strangers, or “talking down” to women (e.g., implying they cannot understand something technical).

-from “Benevolent Sexism Definition” on