Submissive Girls Are Like Pressure Cookers And Spanking Is The Release Valve

You’ve spanked her and she’s crying. She really crying – way more than she should. You’re beginning to panic. “Did I hurt her?” “Did I do something wrong?” “Was this a bad time to spank her?

The answer to those questions is no, no, and no.

Girls are like pressure cookers. They let things build and build and build until something finally releases the pressure. And when that pressure is released, it’s released in torrents.

Sometimes, when you spank her, you force her to release all of the pent up frustrations in her life; work, school, family, relationships, responsibilities – all of the frustrations that have built up can come flowing out in one spanking session. It’s actually therapeutic. Once she cries it out, she’s better able to handle it all again. Emotional cleansing is called catharsis and your girl needs it. Often.

So don’t worry if she’s bawling after you spank her. Cuddle her, remind her that you love her, and just be there for her.

And now and then, hit that release valve.

Originally published 2017, republished 2021. Copyright © 2017-2021, Vintage In Stepford. All Rights Reserved.

Be Specific

Your traditional girl, despite all her talents, is not a mind reader.  She really, really wants to be a good girl, but if you don’t tell her exactly what to do in order to hear those magic words, she feels lost.

Give her clear, concise instructions on what you want done and exactly how you want it done.  Keep the instructions brief.  She shouldn’t need to write it down, she should be able to keep your instructions in her memory.

Once you’ve given her the instructions, ask, “do you have any questions?

You need to ask this so that she can clarify anything you may have omitted.

Help her be a good girl.  Be specific.


Don’t You Wish You Lived In A World Where Men You Don’t Know Would Say Things Like …

“You know, you’ve got a great ass.”

“I’d hire you just for your tits.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be smart.  You’re a girl.”

“Those heels make your legs look incredible.”

(While you’re looking at your phone) “Ready for my number?”


Don’t Be Cruel

I see memes complaining about how indecisive women are.  I blame the men boys creating those memes.  Of course she’s indecisive – she’s just a girl!  Either decide for her, or take a seat, son.

Asking a girl to decide something – even where to eat or what to watch – borders on cruelty.  It’s common sense, really, and every father should teach it to their sons: you don’t key your car and you don’t leave decisions to girls.

Don’t be cruel.  Make the decisions for her. 



Last time I was at the cabin, I was in the kitchen with Danielle and had a mug of water in my hand. Danielle was bent over at the waist, so I placed my mug on the small of her back.

She laughed at the time, but she also told me later that she was turned on by the way I objectified her.

When you’re with your girl, use her as a piece of furniture as often as you can. It will keep her in her place and keep her aroused.


Girls who recognize how dumb they are are a total treat.

I was talking to Danielle this morning and when I mentioned that she’d do very well if she went to University, she said, “I’m a girl, I’m too dumb for university.”

Such is how the girls (Danielle and Amanda) often talk when we’re alone at the cabin together. They disparage their own gender, they talk about themselves as if they couldn’t add 2 and 2 together, and they’re generally pretty dumb.

This is a treat for me because they do most of my work for me. I don’t have to call them “little dummies” (though I still do), I don’t have to disparage women in general (though I still do), and I don’t have to say a word to be sexist (though, of course, I still do).

Amanda and Danielle are two of the most sexist girls I’ve ever met, and they’re a treat to be around.


Being Renamed

When you were born, your parents named you having no idea what kind of person you’d turn out to be.

Now that you’re older, when your Owner comes into your life, beg him to rename you.

If you’re into music, he could name you something like Melodie or Aria. If you’re into acting, he could name you after a Hollywood star.

It doesn’t have to be a legal name change, just call it a nickname.

And when he uses your new name, you’ll feel a tug toward him, like an invisible leash.


Sexist Russia

I was watching a video of the meteorite that struck Russia a few years ago and it shows how sexist the people are there, but also how they have their priorities right.

As the sonic boom struck a high school classroom, the teacher yelled out “boys, protect the girls!” (subtitles explained this).

This is how the social system in the West worked years ago. Men protected women and children. It was always “women and children first” when it came to protection.

Fabulous country, Russia. I’ve been there once and I’d be happy to go back again.