Submissive Girls Are Like Pressure Cookers And Spanking Is The Release Valve

You’ve spanked her and she’s crying. She really crying – way more than she should. You’re beginning to panic. “Did I hurt her?” “Did I do something wrong?” “Was this a bad time to spank her?

The answer to those questions is no, no, and no.

Girls are like pressure cookers. They let things build and build and build until something finally releases the pressure. And when that pressure is released, it’s released in torrents.

Sometimes, when you spank her, you force her to release all of the pent up frustrations in her life; work, school, family, relationships, responsibilities – all of the frustrations that have built up can come flowing out in one spanking session. It’s actually therapeutic. Once she cries it out, she’s better able to handle it all again. Emotional cleansing is called catharsis and your girl needs it. Often.

So don’t worry if she’s bawling after you spank her. Cuddle her, remind her that you love her, and just be there for her.

And now and then, hit that release valve.

Originally published 2017, republished 2021. Copyright © 2017-2021, Vintage In Stepford. All Rights Reserved.

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