Why Feminists Bitch About Living in the West

The truth is, they have nothing to bitch about because men have already taken care of all their basic needs.

In the west, you’re never more than 60 seconds from clean drinking water, never more than 5 minutes from fresh food you don’t have to gather or hunt yourself, and never more than 20 minutes from advanced medical care.

This is because of a system called “civilization” that men have built for women.

Feminists have nothing to bitch about. What they really need is a good dose of poverty and starvation.


She Loves To Be Degraded? Slow Down!

When a girl online says she loves to be degraded and humiliated, don’t think it’s cool to message her with, “you’re a filthy slut and I want to rape you.

Not cool, dude, not cool.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but she still wants to be wooed like a lady.  She wants to know you’re a charming, intelligent man.  She wants to know you have the intellectual fortitude to challenge her.

And when she makes the first move and tells you just how dirty she can be, then – and only then – can you tell her things like, “oh I know you well enough now to know you’re a filthy little slut deep inside.

Bide your time.  Be patient.  Don’t be a jerk.

The payoff is worth it.


Groping is a Compliment

Men have a lot of trouble expressing their emotions with words. But one thing we don’t have trouble with is expressing our emotions with our hands.

When we grope you, ladies, we’re saying we appreciate how you look today. Never mistake it for more than that. It’s a simple, “you look great”.

Sure, if you want to fuck, we’re up for that, too, but don’t overread into a simple grope.

Groping is a compliment and should be seen as such.


Gaslight Her

Your girl serves many purposes, but don’t forget that she can provide a great deal of personal amusement.

One such form of entertainment is gaslighting.  By making her question her own memories and even her sanity, she’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Make sure you’ve both signed a consent agreement before you do it to her, but by gaslighting her until she thinks she might be losing her mind, you’ll find she bends more easily to your will and is more interesting to be around.