Why Orgasm Denial is So Good for You (and Men)

When you’ve been denied an orgasm for a few days, you’re not totally desperate, but it’s a bit uncomfortable.

But after a week or so, you’re a sloppy, shivering mess. You can’t sit down without your swollen pussy rubbing against the chair. All you can think about is pleasing a man. All you can do is hope someone, anyone will touch you the right way to give you an orgasm.

This is good for you (and good for men) because it teaches you patience, control, and moderation. If you can prevent yourself from cumming after a week of “grind and deny”, you can accomplish almost anything.


One thought on “Why Orgasm Denial is So Good for You (and Men)”

  1. i love the feeling of my pussy being so desperate that it can keep my brain from thinking and getting me into trouble. Mindless, sloppy shivering mess, unable to do anything but please. Umm, sounds yummy. 💜


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