Why Men Should Have Rights and Women Shouldn’t

When speaking of rights, it’s important to remember that women aren’t worthless, they’re worth less.

When a woman makes a decision, it’s always based on her emotions. “How does this make me feel?” she’ll ask herself. Men, on the other hand ask themselves, “how will this do good for someone?”

Women are wrapped up in emotions and that’s why voting and other such privileges should only be extended to men.

Men are, after all, the logical thinkers.


6 thoughts on “Why Men Should Have Rights and Women Shouldn’t”

  1. In the early 20th Century, opposition to Women’s Suffrage was often linked to the idea (originating from Ancient Athens through Aristotle and popularized in the Christian era by Thomas Aquinas) that females are emotionally unstable, superstitious, and intellectually deficient. Since women have historically (and presently) been more religious than men (in large part because they tend to be more sociable), it was actually feared that women would install a theocracy in some quarters! In the (historically) Anglo-saxon countries, it was feared women would impose Prohibition (which turned out to be true in many cases) and in France it was feared that women would abolish republicanism and reinstall a Catholic king!


    1. Today, I worry about women turning our governments into communist, authoritarian regimes. Women tend to love the idea of socialism because it works so well in the home. But working well as a home-based governmental system is not a logical reason to run a country the same way.


      1. Well, progressivism is increasingly female dominated (especially over the last half generation).


        This concerns the likes of Ed West. Historically, dominant belief systems like Christianity in Ancient Rome and Protestantism in Northern Europe (especially England) really spread when they become embraced by a critical mass of highly educated females.



  2. >> “… women aren’t worthless, they’re worth less.”

    i have had difficulty with my feelings of inferiority to Men for my entire life.
    i thought that to be less, was to be nothing; and i didn’t want that.
    i feel more strongly about that line, than anything else i have read by You.
    i feel like i’m coming to terms with the fact that not everyone can stand first,
    Not everyone should. But standing second does not mean that i am zero.
    girls help their Men contribute to making the world a better place.
    Thank You for helping me start to unravel my conflicting feelings
    about Male Superiority that have troubled me for my entire life.


    1. You’re very welcome, Robyn. As I’ve stated time and time again in asks, etc., women aren’t garbage. They fulfill a different role than men and are certainly not suited for male-dominated lines of work, but that doesn’t make women useless. We still need someone to tend the home, to look after children, to cook, to clean, etc. These are very important pieces of the puzzle of civilization.



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