Misogynist vs. Sexist

A misogynist believes that, because you’re a female, you need to be broken and kept in your place to make him happy.

A sexist believes that, because you’re a female, you’re inherently broken, and that with his support, guidance, boundaries, appreciation, and routine, you can be built up to make you happy.


The Future is Female

You see it everywhere.  “The Future Is Female.”  And it’s true.  The future is female.

But not the way they think.

The future is female because smart men are working hard every day to make sure good girls are more comfortable in their roles as homemakers.  Clever male designers like Christian Louboutin are making sexier shoes for girls.  Intelligent men like Ian Lobley are running companies like Agent Provocateur to provide girls with the sexiest lingerie in the world.  Innovative men like James Dyson are making better, more efficient vacuum cleaners. Male-led companies like General Electric are creating smart appliances that save girls time and effort when doing “women’s work.”

And because very smart men have been working so hard to make homemaking easier, men will be able to enjoy a cleaner home, better food, and more intimate time with better-dressed, prettier girls.  And our girls will be less stressed and happier because of our efforts.

When it comes to helping good girls become happier, prettier, and more domestic, men are working very hard every day to ensure that the future is indeed female.


The “Face-Slap Reset”

Have you ever noticed how – when your man slaps your face – every thought and emotion you had at the time suddenly becomes reset?

A face slap grounds you.  It helps you to realize how emotional, hormonal, and irrational you were being just a second or two before. It helps you understand that you were not thinking logically.

Best of all, it reminds you that he’s in control of everything – your world, your emotions, and your body.

When he slaps your face – and he will, eventually, if you allow yourself to become too over-emotional – remember to thank him for bringing you back down to earth.

A firm slap to your cheek is one of the greatest gifts he can give you when your world seems to be spiralling out of control.


Buy Her Tools As Gifts

Every man loves getting tools as a gift.  When our girl gives us a new jig saw or socket wrench, we practically lose our minds.  How thoughtful, we say.

And despite the fact that Hollywood and the media will tell you that buying her a new set of pots and pans, or a new Dyson vacuum, or a pink feather duster is misogynist, the truth is that girls love to receive tools as gifts, too.

You see, girls have plenty of chores to do around the house just like you have plenty of chores to do outside – you change the oil in the car, she has to vacuum.  You mow the lawn, she has to do laundry.  You blow the leaves, she has to do the dishes.

And for both of you, when you’re doing those chores, you want the best possible tools for the job.  When you have them, doing chores isn’t “ugh, I have to do chores,” it’s “alright!  I get to play with my new tools!

Don’t ever let society, Hollywood, the media, or politicians tell you she doesn’t deserve the best tools as a gift.  Everyone has to do chores and the best tools will make her chores much more enjoyable.

Some may say it’s sexist, but if she’s honest about it, giving her tools as a gift is thoughtful, kind, and – as long as you make sure exactly what brand and model of tool she wants – help make her chores a pleasure to do.

Don’t buy society’s bullshit.  Give her tools to play with.


Why Are We So Happy?

Why are we, in the Traditional Gender Role community, so incredibly happy relative to people who believe in equality of the sexes?

Matthew D. Hammond and Chris G. Sibley tried to answer this question in their 2011 study entitled Why are Benevolent Sexists Happier? available for free here.

The study really doesn’t come to a logical conclusion except to say that both men and women find that their lives are more naturally structured when they accept Benevolent Sexism as a way of life (note: I consider myself a Benevolent Sexist).

From the study’s abstract on page 332:

Research indicates that the endorsement of sexist ideology is linked to higher subjective wellbeing for both men and women.

This is a particularly large study (n = 6,100) and, as we all know, the larger the study, the more accurate it is likely to be.

So gentlemen, get your big boy pants on.  Women find you more attractive when you’re just a little bit sexist.