4 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World”

    1. Very long but very interesting article. I see things like the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as omens, but I’m naturally superstitious. The backlash against feminism is already underway and in full swing.



  1. Here are excerpts:

    “The dawn of the modern era actually saw a decline in women’s fortunes and legal standing. Pernoud pinpoints the devolution as beginning with the rise of the university, which was barred to females and which supplanted the monastery (and the convent) as the locus of higher learning. Scholasticism, the philosophy of the universities, promulgated Aristotle’s doctrine that women were intellectually and morally less competent than men, giving rise to a latemedieval genre of mocking antifeminist literature, about which Christine de Pisan (who had to rely on her father’s tutoring for her fine education) complained in 1400: ‘The lies and many other grievances / That each day [women] receive from these disloyal men / Who blame, slander, and deceive them.'”


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