Beg Him

Many girls underestimate the power of begging.  And by begging, I don’t mean, “pretty please?”  I mean getting down on your knees, weeping, and crying out, “please, Sir!  Oh God, please!  I’ll do anything!   Absolutely anything!  Please!

Now of course, if you say you’ll do “absolutely anything,” be prepared that he’ll take you up on that offer and demand you do absolutely anything.  But cross that bridge when you reach it.

True begging is fiercely passionate and is almost like an act of worship – the more emotion you show, the more likely it is that you’ll get what you want.

Begging is one of the ultimate signs of submission – lowering yourself before your god and begging for mercy is a sign that you honor his authority and his right to make decisions for you.

Sincere begging takes more than sweet words; it takes a genuinely submissive heart.


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