Don’t Ask Her if She’s Tired

Girls don’t like to admit they’re tired.  They don’t really ever want to go to sleep.  What they want most it to serve you, see a smile on your face, and hear the words, “good girl.”  And if they can sacrifice sleep to get it, they will.

If you believe she needs sleep, don’t ask her if she’s tired – just tell her to rest against you.  If she falls asleep, so much the better – just pick her up and carry her to bed.

Asking “are you tired?” will get replies like “no” or “just a little.”  But when you can see it in her eyes and she denies it, it’s time for her to “just rest.

Sometimes, you know her better than she knows herself.


Don’t Buy Her a Roomba For Christmas

Don’t do it.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Oh, a Roomba will save her time on vacuuming.”  Big mistake.

For one thing, your traditional girl probably finds the repetitive motions of vacuuming soothing.

For another, vacuuming fills up her day.  When she’s vacuuming, she’s busy.  And a busy girl is a good girl.

You want to buy her gift she’ll really appreciate?

Get her a Dyson and watch her eyes light up on Christmas morning.