Have Her Wear a Choker

Whether her collar is black leather with studs, a stainless steel eternity ring, or delicate velvet and lace, to her, wearing a choker at all times (except sleeping or in water) is a beautiful, continual reminder of your ownership and love …

… and a feminine symbol of her devotion to you.


How To Have Complete Orgasm Control Over Your Girl, or, How To Make Her Cum On The Dance Floor

Neuro–linguistic programming (NLP) is a form of Classical
Conditioning that athletes and other high–performers often use to break through a rut in their performance.  NLP can be used for a myriad of things: to help you manage pain, achieving a deeper state of meditation, or even to coax yourself on stage for a public speaking event.  In the early days of their careers,
both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg used NLP to overcome their fears of public
speaking and deliver presentations at important corporate events.

But we’re going to look at the kinkier side of NLP: Verbal Orgasm Control.

Verbal Orgasm Control can be considered a form of Stepfordization since you are literally (and that word is meant as ‘literally’) reprogramming her to orgasm only when you give a certain anchor word or phrase.

First, you should know that if you’re going to try Verbal Orgasm Control with your girl, there are three key ingredients you must have: Consent, Consistency and Patience.  If you lack any of these three, stop reading – Verbal Orgasm Control is not for you.

Step 1

First, choose an “anchor word” or “anchor phrase” that your girl will associate with orgasm.  It can be simply “cum!” or it can be extended a few words to “cum my little whore!”  Do not choose a phrase more than 5 syllables.  Anything longer tends to get lost in the heat of the moment and can create disassociation; the complete breakdown of the association of anchor word/phrase with her orgasm.  This psychological association is critical to complete Verbal Orgasm Control.

Additionally, you must be very much in tune with your girl’s orgasms.  Do you know the tell–tale signs that she’s cumming?  Is it undeniable?  If so, you’re off to a good start.  If not, instruct her to simply say “I’m cumming!” when she climaxes. Look for cues that she is orgasming and use those signals for Step 2.

Step 2

Make sure you use your chosen anchor word/phrase when your
girl orgasms and only when she orgasms.

Do not use it at any other time or you will cause disassociation.

When you’re absolutely certain that your girl is in the middle of an orgasm, shout the anchor word/phrase.  Repeat it at lower volumes once or twice as
she orgasms.

Now here’s the key: continue to do this every time she cums
for at least a month, preferably three or four months.  Be patient!
Your reward is coming (ooo a double entendre!  Aren’t you clever!).

Step 3

This step involves “inducing” orgasm with the anchor word/phrase.  After about 1–3 months of consistent use of the anchor word/phrase when she spontaneously orgasms, and when you know your girl is getting close to orgasming, bring her to the brink and make her beg you for permission to cum.
When she does, immediately shout the anchor word/phrase and see if she
orgasms on command.  If she does, you’re half way there and can continue to Step 4 (read the rest of this step, don’t just skip to Step 4!).  If she doesn’t,
return to Step 2 and continue to shout the anchor word/phrase when she orgasms at will.  Take a longer period of time if you have to repeat this step since you obviously rushed it the first time.  Every girl is unique; some may learn the association in days, some may take years.
Again, patience is your best friend when practicing Verbal Orgasm

Over time (about 1–3 months) slowly lengthen the period between her begging to cum and when you shout the anchor word/phrase, increasing it by one or two seconds each time. Do not wait more than 2 minutes total as this will also cause

Step 4

If she cums instantly when you shout the anchor word/phrase, you must continue to do this for anywhere from 3–6 months.  This is called the “reinforcement period”.  She must come to trust you and rely on you for her orgasms.  Over time, she may comment to you that she cannot orgasm without begging you for permission.  This may seem like the perfect opportunity to flex your NLP muscles, but don’t!  Be patient, be consistent, and continue to
make her beg to cum and allow her release only when you give the anchor

After the 3–6 month period of reinforcement, she’s probably
ready to cum on command.  Take her out in public and try Step 5.

Step 5

Without touching any of her erogenous zones, try whispering something

“Can you feel that? I’m touching you.  You can feel yourself about to cum.  It’s coming quickly and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”  

Continue to coax her toward orgasm like this for between 60 and 90 seconds.  She should – at some point during this time period – beg you for permission to cum but it may take longer than 90 seconds.  Don’t rush her!  If she wants to cling to your arm or hand (and she probably will), you must allow it.  When she begs to cum, immediately and loudly whisper the anchor word/phrase in her ear, hold her hand, and watch the results.  If you’re successful, she’ll
orgasm right then and there.  If she doesn’t orgasm on command, return to Step 3 for a longer period of time until she fully trusts you for her orgasms.

If you made her cum without touching any of her erogenous zones, congratulations!  She’ll only cum on verbal command from you.  You can make
her cum in a restaurant or on a dance floor if you wish to – the sky’s the

It is absolutely vital that you continue the reinforcement period as described in Step 3 for the duration of your relationship.  Constant reinforcement is always necessary in NLP or Classical Conditioning of any kind. Lack of reinforcement will result in all your hard work being lost.

Remember that having complete control of her orgasms can be humiliating for her if you misuse it and that’s why consent and trust are needed for any Verbal Orgasm Control programming. You’re asking her to literally put her body into your hands and control it.  You must both be 100% comfortable with this concept.

Verbal Orgasm Control using Neuro–Linguistic Programming can be an amazing way for you and your girl to bond on levels you never imagined.  When you have control of her body to the point of controlling when she climaxes, she’ll trust you more and you’ll feel more connected to her.  Don’t
betray her trust. And have fun!  You’re about to enter a brave new world together!

The Gentleman’s Times – Issue 1 – How To Have Complete Orgasm Control Over Your Girl, or, How To Make Her Cum On The Dance Floor – © May 2, 2017 Vintage In Stepford. All rights reserved.

Whatever Happened To Chivalry?

Sure, we could blame feminism.  We could blame changing social structures, a lack of faith in the world, blah blah blah.

But you know what, gentlemen?  We’re to blame.  I don’t know and don’t care who took chivalry from our honor code, but someone or something did and the worst part is that we let it happen.

Well, no more.  It’s time to bring it back.  There are plenty of feminine girls in this world and they need us to step up our game and bring true masculinity back into vogue.

It’s time we stopped letting others strip our honor code from us.  It’s time we remember who we are.

We are gentlemen.

And we’re back.


Be Supportive

She’s going to go through trials in life and one of the best things you can do for her emotional well-being during these periods is to be supportive while ensuring that her routine doesn’t change.

Because most girls are high-strung, she relies on her daily routine to keep her centred, focused, and grounded.  During times of stress, a rigid routine ensures she doesn’t overthink stressful situations and helps maintain a sense of normalcy.

Being supportive isn’t just a hug and a “there, there.”

It can also mean enforcing a rigid routine that helps her cope.