When He Says No It’s Because He’s Thinking of the Future

What girls don’t often understand is that when their man says no, he’s thinking of future consequences.  “How will other people see her?”  “What are the potential implications of saying yes?”  “Will she regret this?

Unlike women, men don’t make decisions based on impulsivity.  We think of possible future implications and base our decisions on long-term effects.

The buck stops with us.  Every decision made is a reflection on us.  When we say no, it’s because we’re thinking 3 steps ahead of you and how saying yes may impact you.  You may never see the effects of it, but our decisions protect you from possible unknowns.

And let’s face it, girls.  The unknown is the scariest variable in any situation.

But we’ve got this.  You’re okay.  We’ve got your back.


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