Don’t Air Dirty Laundry

Part of the difference between 1950s relationships and modern relationships is the 21st century habit of airing our grievances against a partner to people who don’t have any stake in the relationship.

No matter what problems you’re having in your relationship (unless you’re a victim of non-consensual abuse), keep it to yourself unless you can speak to someone anonymously or in a therapeutic setting.

Part of facing life together is presenting a united front to the world.  In essence, you’re telling the world, “we may be two people, but we are one.

This means:

Don’t disrespect him.  Don’t let your friends or family think he’s anything less than your infallible god.

Don’t demean her.  Don’t allow friends or family to think she’s anything less than the elusive “perfect girl.”

If you are having problems in your relationship, you’ll find that they can be solved through good communication 99% of the time.  But that communication should be done behind closed doors – never, ever in front of others.

Never let anyone believe your relationship is anything short of absolute perfection – and it’s up to both of you to make them believe it.  Sometimes you have to bite your tongue, yes.

But when the chips are down, it’s easier to bite your tongue when you know your partner has your back.


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